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Saving Private Ryan

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Analyze the methods used to make the opening battle sequence of "Saving Private Ryan" both shocking and realistic and say how effective you find it as an introduction to the film? Saving Private Ryan was released in 1998 on September the 11th Spielberg had already directed other famous films including: * Jaws (1975) * Raiders of the lost Ark (1981) * E.T The Extra Terrestrial (1982) * Jurassic Park (1993) * Schindler's list (1993) * Artificial Intelligence : AI (1997) * Minority Report (2002) Saving Private Ryan goes on for two and fifty minutes. Spielberg set a record in war time history in having an opening battle scene of 24 minutes. Spielberg made this opening battle scene realistic by not telling anyone what to do he wanted everyone to go in and act confused. He made it have a good effect by running to the beach with handheld cameras and getting real amputees on set. Spielberg wanted everyone to know what the war was really like. The film shows that the war was gruesome. What made it more shocking and have a great impact on the audience is when you see poor young soldiers getting killed there young lives just wasted in one gun shot. This film won five academy awards he also got best director in 1999. The leading actors of the film are:- * Tom Hanks (Captain Miller) ...read more.


The camera is a handheld camera that can go under water but it can shoot scenes on top of the water. It also does a shot of the German soldier shooting all the American soldiers. The camera shot is called an over the shoulder shot its proper name is an F.P.P.O.V shot. This is what it does over the German gunman's shoulder. As the camera is looking over the German gunman's shoulder you can see the camera trembling even though the German gunman is safe he still has fear he really doesn't want to be killing young people. The soundtrack in this scene is loud. It all starts off with a whistle. As the whistle is blown the chaos begins. There are big explosions and gunshots going of repeatedly. There was water crashing on the big rocks. There were people screaming, people shouting random commandments. As the waves come more rapidly and louder people start to drown. As the waves go over peoples heads the sound muffles and mutes. You can hear the bullets whizzing through the water and ripping through people's skin. You can hear people trying to grasp for breath. The sound of the bullets hitting the iron hedgehogs all adds to that confusion. It was a socking effect on the audience in this scene. You see people getting killed in huge numbers. ...read more.


The thing to take from this is war is a horrible thing and is unnecessary everything gets affected by war. Mother Nature gets ruined. The opening sequence was great. It was so realistic. You could tell that the film was going to be gruesome and violent. It was chaotic and shocking. I couldn't wait to watch the rest of the film it was fantastic. The film was an anti-war film and made us think about how war really was. The film was realistic it was gruesome and shocking. You see men getting killed left, right and centre. You see men trying to stuff there guts back into there bodies. Men going hunting for there arms. You see men drowning due to heavy equipment that weighs them down. You see men fearing for there lives. Mother Nature is wrecked by war. Everything is affected by war. Spielberg 100% achieved what he wanted to. As he quoted "Chaos up on the screen" he defiantly bought chaos and more to my screen. The whole film was just confused in the opening battle scene I think the actors were confused as well. I think it is a good film because it shows you what war were really like. It was the best war film I have ever set my eyes on but there is one down side to the film the opening battle scene went on for to long. But apart from that this was the best war film I've ever seen. ...read more.

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