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saving private ryan

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Analyse the methods used to make the opening battle sequence of 'saving Private Ryan' both shocking and realistic, and say how effective you find it as an introduction to the film. 'Saving Private Ryan' was directed by Steven Spielberg in 1998. It stars Tom Hanks in the leading role as Captain Miller. The film shows the horrors of D-day and then turns into a mission to save Private Ryan (played by Matt Damon). The film received five academy awards (Oscars) including best director in 1999. Steven Spielberg has directed many other brilliant films such as Jaws, Raiders of the lost ark, E.t. The extra-terrestrial and Jurassic park and many more. The overall style of the film is realistic and authentic as it shows some events which has happened like D-day in the past. ...read more.


The transition from present day to past happens at the start of the film when an old man and his family are walking to the war time memorial graveyard. There are many different moods in this scene like when the old man is walking to the graveyard there is a sense of sadness and loss and the music which is played is Bravery and honour, After this the old man goes to a grave stone and looks at it this is when the camera zooms on into his eyes, then it starts another scene where the landing boats are about to arrive at Omaha Beech This is where the main characters get introduced into the film. When the soldiers land on the Beech it is complete chaos, there are machine guns firing at them, mines going off, people looking for body parts and people screaming in pain. ...read more.


The opening battle sequence prepared me for the rest of the film because it shows you what the solders are fighting for which is freedom and there life's. I found the film realistic because the camera techniques made you feel as if you were in the film and the sound effects were brilliant like it felt bullets were being fired at you and explosions going off. It was shocking because of the amount of people that died and how they died. I think Spielberg succeeded in his goal which was to create chaos on the screen because he showed us what war like and that war is complete madness and you want to be as far away from it as you can possibly get. I think this film was amazing because it's realistic and shocking at the same time and it also made me respect the people who died and what they died for. ...read more.

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