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saving private ryan as a realistic representation of war

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The motion picture "Saving Private Ryan" directed by Steven Speilberg, winner of five academy awards, including best director. His other productions include, "Jaws", "Jurassic Park" and "E.T". The lead role of "Captain Miller" was played by Tom Hanks, known for his roles in "Appollo Thirteen" and "Toy Story". What set this picture apart from most war epics, was its realistic representation of the graphic nature of war, as Speilberg was aimed to show the viewers the truth about war. The plot of the movie is a look back of the different experiences of soldiers during World War two. ...read more.


What saves this film from becoming tedious is its cinematography. The camera follows the action which makes the film more realistic and exciting. In the opening scene, when the Germans are shooting the camera follows the bullets as they shoot the Americans so the audience cab experience the fighting. The movie "Saving Private Ryan" definitely fulfilled its aim of showing the viewers how difficult of a job it was to be a soldier in World War Two. Most soldiers suffered several injuries, including loss of hands, feet and even lives. ...read more.


The flashback shows when Captain Miller is dropped on Omaha beach and as soon as the door of his boat is opened the Germans begin shooting aimlessly. The impact this scene has on the audience is that it portrays the Germans as barbaric and cold hearted, with little or no compassion. the camera pursues the shooting and then the sound is muted to give the audience time to reflect on what they just saw.at this point the sound is dominated by gunfire and explosives. The different viewpoints this scene has to offer makes the scene far more realistic. When the scene finally goes into slow motion, it makes the viewer feel like they are moving with the action, thus bringing us closer to the action. ...read more.

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