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Saving Private Ryan Creative Writing.

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´╗┐Another wave of sea spray hit his shivering face like bullets pounding into the practise board he used this morning as the boat smashed into a colossal wave. They neared the beach. No longer was it the picturesque setting of crystal waters and soft, light grains of sand that puts smiles on children?s faces. Now it was a scene straight out of hell with fire and explosions of destruction, a place where the cries of agonized men would be forever etched into the ancient cliffs. The waves crashed against the shore furiously, washing up the tin prison cells that would bring thousands of young, tough, often inexperienced men to their deaths. BOOM! A shell landed on one of the boats, a direct hit; huge explosions of fuel, metal and torn limbs washed over into the sea. ...read more.


His face took on a cold hard mask as he watched as the men around him crouched into position wincing at the sound of bombs exploding and guns screeching, silently preparing themselves for what was about to come. The ramp opened and like lightening; they made a mad dash for the gigantic metal crosses buried deep within the sand. Huge guns. Massive explosions from bombs and mines tore the beach apart. Hundreds of machine guns, each fully loaded and ready to fire poured out a swift and steady metal storm of aggressive bullets as bodies fell left and right. One private was yet to fire. He cowered behind one of the crosses as he formed a strategic plan, when suddenly fear held a vice grip on his brave heart. Bombs exploded, killing a dozen innocent men at a time. ...read more.


The metal ramps opened and out flew several men melting in the hands of orange torture; it blistered their skin and burned their throats dry. They sprinted into the gloomy blood red sea behind him as they screamed in terrifying agony, the salt viciously bit at their open wounds. Desperate cries escaped him as he witnessed lifeless morsels decomposing on the sand as it became stained with the red tears of death. Another wave of water hit the sergeant like thousands of tiny knives piercing his skin, the salt spread fire throughout his open wounds and drenched his frozen body but he was too numb to care. The sergeant felt dead inside as he looked onto the beach at the bodies he?d been forced to leave behind, the boat steered him away from the scene of devastation along with the few survivors he had left. The ancient cliffs remained unscathed. They looked upon him mockingly for although they sat right in the heart of the monstrous battle, they remained indifferent. ...read more.

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