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Saving Private Ryan Creative writing

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´╗┐It's about 6:30 am on Omaha beach, me and my men are packed on boats, preparing for war. I can see the fear and anxiety on the soldier?s faces and how stress they are, huddled together like a tin of sardines. As Captain of 3rd Regiment I need to be calm, yet I am quietly confident, as I do not want let my men down. I can feel my hand shaking as I take my flask. I need to drink. Strong waves attack, smashing against the boats, as we were reached the beach. In was in command 'Keep your mind clear, I will see you on the beach', I said to my men before the massacre happened. ...read more.


The taste of blood made me feel horrified by it all. All rifles and ammunition floatied downwards. Gasping for breath I reached the surface and saw the battle continuing, the madness went on. I couldn't see the sky, it was gray and bleak because of the explosions, smoke covered the whole battle field. I was in shock, I was Captain, my men were dying, I needed to help my men. I managed to get to the beach and there was chaos. I saw medics helping my men and I could see lots of bandages and blood on their hands. The screaming of some soldiers made my men in desperate to stay alive. Some men pray to God and I know that although they do not want be there, but they wanted to stay alive. ...read more.


At the same time I lay on my knees with my face the in muddy. bloody sand. I could taste the blood of dead in my mouth. I started to ask myself, ?Why is this battle happening? Why are we killing each other? Why can?t we be civilised people, and promote peace.. At 08:01 a hour , few minutes after, It was not over yet, I could hear screaming of the soldiers and medics scrambling to replenish and save soldiers. I cannot believe that the waves consume the whole sea with human blood, human lives and death fish. I keep in mind the death of my soldiers who died for their country, they safe five times more people. Even now I can?t look into families eyes because I know the would ever forgive me. I cried? ...read more.

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