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Saving Private Ryan Essay

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'Saving Private Ryan' essay 'Saving Private Ryan' was jointly produced by 'Paramount' and 'Dreamwork Pictures'. It also had two release dates one was 24th July 1998 (America) and the other was 11th September 1998 (UK). 'Saving Private Ryan' is 162 minutes long and 24 minutes of that was the opening battle. 'Saving Private Ryan', directed by Steven Spielberg is all about the D-Day landings and World War 2, on the 6th of June that took place on Omaha Beach. While this is the focus of the opening scenes, majority deals with a mission to find a man, Private Ryan. The film is about being put into the shoes of one of the soldiers in the battle in 1944. You see it all how the soldiers saw it. During the battle three of four brothers died, however one of them got lost. So, to save the family of the tragedy of losing all four of them, Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) takes his men behind enemy lines to try and find James Ryan, the lost brother. The main characters included Tom Hanks (Captain John Miller), Matt Damon (Private James Ryan), Vin Diesel (Private Adrian Caparzo), Tom Sizemore (Sergeant Mike Horvath) and Jeremy Davies (Cpl. Timothy P. Upham). The film had a brilliant director Steven Spielberg, who has had many famous films including 'Jaws' (1975), 'E-T - The Extra Terrestrial' (1982), 'Jurassic Park' (1993) ...read more.


A medium shot is shown of the soldiers on the boat; they all look nervous, anxious and so scared they are being sick. Captain John Miller is shouting out commands out to them over the sounds of vomiting. One of the commands is 'thirty seconds', indicating the amount of time they have left before going into battle. The audience is now starting to panic because in the next half of a minute the soldiers are going to get shot at and killed. The second scene, 'The instant chaos', was filled with more action filled than the first scene because it shows that as soon as the boats where close enough to the shore of Omaha Beach they were getting shot at by the Germans. The soldiers that were getting shot, most of them had got killed outright before they actually had time to fight against them for their country. Hand held cameras were used a lot for this scene because the audience can feel more about the film rather than if they used normal cameras on stands etc. Some of the soldiers that were on the boat were jumping into the water thinking that they would have more chance of living by swimming to the shore. I think the explosions were causing them to be thrown into the water. This idea didn't work because the Germans started to shoot at the men in the water as well as on the boat. ...read more.


An extreme close up of a soldier's hand shaking, this was shown earlier on in the opening battle sequence, this is Miller's hand both times. There is then a panning shot of the whole beach showing how many people had died and you also see all of the dead fish there too. The tide is washing back and forth full of blood, so the sea is a red colour instead of blue. The audience now is very emotional because they have just watched all of those soldiers getting killed and then seeing them lying on the beach is awful to watch. The film to me was extremely realistic and shocking, you feel as if you are there whilst you are watching it. 'The Longest Day' is not as emotional as this film because it is completely different, you don't see soldiers suffering, you don't get the effect of bad weather, they are not as scared at going to battle as they are in 'Saving Private Ryan'. These little effects make a huge difference in a film and that is why they did this in 'Saving Private Ryan'. Steven Spielberg did put 'chaos up on the screen' because it is all just so shocking, you can't believe that people did actually survive it all. I wouldn't ever think of watching a film like this because I don't like this genre much but this film was really good because of the realism in it and how the actors played their parts. ...read more.

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