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Saving Private Ryan intro creative writing

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Emma Brittain, 9.6 Saving Private Ryan intro There was a flag, above it, rippling with the breeze. The red white and blue dancing and overseeing the park, like a comfort watching the old man, who was wandering, as if aimlessly, down a neat, stone path. Alan was followed, now, by his family, awkwardly pursuing him, yet remaining at a respectful distance. He was focused and his eyes fixated as he limped relentlessly past the tidy grass and rows of trees, regardless of his annoyingly cautious company. Concentrated, yet seemingly lost, like a man wandering through a deserted wasteland, he plodded towards a nearby tree, and paused momentarily, eyes gleaming. He rested a heavy hand on the rough bark and gazed towards a flag, shivering above. Red white and blue with famous stripes and stars above the cemetery gates; the wonderer found his oasis-a flurry of wartime memories, forgotten tragedies and lost souls. On the other side, above the park and rows of trees, another flag of the same colour - a French flag. ...read more.


Half the men in the boat crossed themselves, others tried to remember what they were taught, or were too occupied with their nausea. The ramp at the front of the boat is lowered. Immediately, shot fly into them rapidly, instantly killing most. Bodies were falling about like doll parts. "Over the sides!!" Alan shifts the remaining living men over the sides and into the freezing water. The screaming bullet sounds are drowned out, but they are relentlessly shot through the murky sea, dispersing blood from floating corpses. There was a strange silence as one man struggled with his heavy belt, until he stops. Alan, with sopping clothes, wades through, clambering in-between the tank traps. Ears could bleed for the bullets still ear-splittingly twanging against metal. Falling and dragging and crawling his way, among them, for one moment, everything slows, and Alan's environment begins to sink in . . . He looks about him, and sees grown men, huddled behind the tank traps, which offer little real protection, sobbing in confusion. ...read more.


Taking the radio once more from Davey beside him with thanks, he send "1st wave ineffective, we do not hold the beach! Repeat-We do not hold the beach." Rolling across to give it back, he finds the soldier faceless and gory. Startled, Alan panics into shock, his eyes filled-distorting his vision. He shook and breathed heavily now, he was losing focus . . . The dunes began to be pelted with fire from a new direction. A foreign man had him in his sights. Unprepared and whimpering, he helplessly struggled with his rifle, mercilessly; the other man pulls the trigger. Alan feels the penetrating blow to his upper thigh and falls to the ground, and lay there gazing at the blackened sky. His throat, dry, and his body, numb. He never thought he'd make it. . . With a still and sombre face, the old man, lifted himself off of his knees. His family wrapped their arms around him. The sky had grown dark, it was time to leave. Once again, Alan left them all behind, with a single tear to run down his tired, wrinkled face. ...read more.

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