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Saving Time.

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Saving Time When the clock passes one minute, the previous time would be history and there was no way to go back to time. I'm the kind of person who value every single minute in my life. I didn't mind to spend a long amount of time to do something that was meaningful, but I would not waste my time to do something that I considered useless or wasting time. Last summer one of my friends spent her whole summer going to school. She took few classes at Mesa College. She tried to finish school as fast as she could by taking as much classes as she can over the school year and summer as well. ...read more.


In three months of that summer, I could take extra class for college and also have fun at the same time. Most people think that eating fast food can save time, however, I prefer spending two hour at home cooking my own meal rather than eating at a restaurant or a fast food store. When you eat at a restaurant you can't have the same feeling as eating at home because the satisfaction, the energy and thought is not in the meal that you eat. For instance, when you cook a meal for your love one such as friends, and family. You would put all your thought and energy to make a good meal to share with them. ...read more.


She rather finishes one thing ahead of time then goes on with another thing. However, I didn't think it was a good idea to save time, because my sister uses her sleeping hour to do something that she consider save time. She just not cares about her health at all, which was very important thing in our life. Many people seemed to waste their time on unnecessary things in life. Time should be a value moment in life. Use the time wisely because if you rush through things in life you to achieve something, you might not know you have missed. However, if you spend a long amount of time on doing something that was worthless, then it would be a waste of time. Treasure each moment in our life because once time pass, that previous moment in our life would be history. ...read more.

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