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SAY NO TO CRUELTY TO ANIMALS Life and right to life are the most sacred things on earth. This is the basic truth that every religion, sect, philosophy and atheism accept. However, it is not just about human beings. Right to life is the most natural right of every living thing. So, why kill an animal for its fur when you would not kill a human being? This is an issue that the whole humanity has to think about. We even have the statistics on animals killed for their fur; 56 million animals are slaughtered every. Europe alone uses 70% of all animal furs. ...read more.


No living creature can be a source of material wealth for humans to enjoy egoistically. Human beings are able to appreciate nature only as a source of wealth. However, they have come from nature, separated from it, and turned against it. As a result of this, human beings are able to kill every living thing to make it a commodity of trade. Is it possible to understand how a human being can kill an animal that can look into the eyes of its killer in pain? This is the extent of our separation from nature. We are blind to the pain of others just because the pain is not a part of our bodies. ...read more.


What all this means is that everything is connected. There is a connection between who and what you are and what you make of yourself as a creature and the way in which you treat other living creatures. Would you like to be somebody else's shoe or handbag? No. So why not say no to cruelty that targets animals just because they cannot say no? But, what we have lost is still out there. The only thing we have to do is reach out and protect it. Or destroy the reasons that require us to protect it. Changing the way we behave is the only way to change the world. Saying no to cruelty to animals and fur trade is to get closer to humanization again. ...read more.

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