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Scariest Moment. You are six years old. You are following your mother through Wal-Mart

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´╗┐You are six years old. You are following your mother through Wal-Mart. You see clothes on circle racks and some hanging on the walls. Your mind starts racing with all the ?adventures? you could have in this place, like pretending you are superman and flying around ?buildings? made of a soda displays or pretending you are a famous British singer and walking around with your shoulders back and talking in a British accent. But you don?t choose to go on an adventure; you choose to scare your mom. Hiding in the middle of a circle rack filled with t-shits, you wait for your mom to notice you are gone. You never hear her voice raised with panic nor do you see her running around like a crazy person looking for you. You do hear the lady from church, with black hair, that sits two rows down from you. The lady is talking about her son coming home for Christmas to, what looks like, her friend from church. The lady?s voice is full of pride for her son. She doesn?t have a voiced filled with worry about you being missing. The lady from church has no need to worry about you; she doesn?t even know you are at Wal-Mart. After a while you push aside two blue t-shirts that have that ?never been washed before? smell. ...read more.


She is busy looking through clothes and you wonder if she has realized if you are missing yet. You don?t wait to ponder this thought as your little legs run to her. You have tear stained cheeks and you finally notice that you are shaking. Your mom looks down at you, ?what?s wrong, sweetie?? she says in a sweet voice that gives nothing away to the fact that she knew you were missing. Your eyes shed more tears as you hug her leg so tight, ?I hid from you in the clothes rack, I thought you would come looking for me but you never did,? you say through sobs. Your mom gets a smile on her face and this confuses you. ?I knew where you were. I?ve been standing here watching you this whole time,? her voice sounds amused. This makes you question her. ?Why didn?t you come get me? I got so scared I thought I would never see you again!? You no longer have tears running down your face, but you start to get hiccups from all the crying you had been doing. ?I didn?t come get you because I wanted you to learn a lesson. I bet you will never hide from me again now.? You don?t say anything back. You just shake your head ?no? and start to walk with her when she is ready to move on to a different section. ...read more.


Your mom has never been one to be mean and to take things to extreme or make a scene in public. She likes to let you learn from your own mistakes. Like when you raced through the woods on your bike that rainy day and your bike hit a slippery spot on the road and you crashed into an oncoming car. She was calm and took the situation into her hands and made sure you were okay before she asked you if you would ever be doing that again, to which you answered no. Your mom has never been one to believe punishment was the answer when scaring you made you think twice next time the thought crossed your mind to do it again. Your mom has always been one to show that she cares through though learning. Like how she let you learn a lesson on your own in Wal-Mart. She let you find out the hard way, that way next time when the thought crossed your mind to hide from her, you would remember the feeling of being scared and wouldn?t leave. Just like how when you got back on your bike, after your dad fixed the front tire from when you crashed and you went back into the woods to race but only when it wasn?t raining and the roads were not wet and slippery because you remembered how it felt to be afraid of getting hurt really bad or to die because you did something irresponsible and stupid. ...read more.

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