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Scary Night

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Scary Night I was now ready to depart after the party, exiting my Cousin's house. It was a Halloween party. It was a lot of fun; to be honest the party seemed to be quite good. It was suppose to be scary, but now that I come to see it does not compare to how I felt later on during the night. You see the difference is looking at all the story I have heard about Halloween, this one that I have experienced seems a lot more realistic and frightening. I had no choice but to walk home by myself, because of the complicated story my mom told me (which of course I was not listening to). The night was dark, gloomy, dusky, and silent. So basically these were not the conditions that I was looking for. ...read more.


there. There was a shadow lurking behind a car. At first glance I thought it was a cat then I looked again and I thought it was far too big to be a cat. A shiver of fear ran up my spine. I thought that it could be a mugger, or even a murderer! Where ever I went I could still hear the footsteps. I began to walk faster to get away from the noise of the footsteps. All the street lamps were broken with the exception of one, a few seconds later even that street lamp went off. The only thing that could be seen was the moon, it was shinning brightly. I was taking a lot of different routes just to get away "from the thing", but where ever I went I couldn't escape it. ...read more.


I heard an owl hoot in the dark and imagined it was a Werewolf, since it was a dark night and there was a full moon. I was scared stiff. I ran through the field and reached the other end. I stopped and looked back. I could hear something running through the field, but I couldn't make out what it was because it was too misty. I was panicking; I didn't know what to do. I ran down the street into my house. I walked up the path towards the door. I heard a bin lid fall. I looked back to see what it was, it was only a cat looking for some food. I opened the door and went inside. I was relieved to finally be home. I slammed the door shut behind me. I couldn't help but wonder who was behind the mysterious shadow that I was being followed by. I was delighted to be home safe and sound. ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel Lebbie ...read more.

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