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Scene 3.1 - The royal palace at Forres

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Scene 3.1 - The royal palace at Forres Banquo, alone on stage, declares that everything the witches predicted for Macbeth have come true, and that might mean what they predicted about Banquo fathering a line of kings will also come true. The newly crowned Macbeth and his train enter. In front of the others, Macbeth requests Banquo's company at this evening's feast. In passing, he confirms that Banquo will go horseback riding with his son in the afternoon. Macbeth bids everyone depart, except a servant to fetch the two murderers he has hired to kill Banquo. Macbeth recounts the events of the last few days. Given the truth of the witches' predictions on his behalf, it is likely that Banquo's children shall be kings. If that is true, Macbeth believes that he has sold his soul to the devil and suffered all this torment for Banquo's children, not for his because he will not have any sons to succeed him. ...read more.


Scene 3.2 - The palace Lady Macbeth encounters Macbeth appearing grim and pensive. She tells him that the deed is done, and there is no need to think about it anymore. Macbeth does not believe that his troubles ended with the murder of Duncan because he thinks that everyone suspects him. He would rather be like Duncan, dead and buried, so that no poison or knife can touch him. Macbeth tells his wife to prepare some nice speeches praising Banquo, as he keeps the knowledge of the murder plot to himself. He begins to chant like the witches, trying to summon the evil spirits to make sure that the murder of Banquo and his son goes smoothly tonight. Scene 3.4 - The palace Macbeth and his wife host a large banquet, and everyone seems happy to be there. ...read more.


Macbeth then speaks aloud to his thanes, apologizing for his panic attack, which he claims happens to him all the time and that it's nothing to worry about. Just as everyone is getting settled back into the banquet, the ghost reappears, and Macbeth shouts at it again, but this time with more reckless abandon. He drives it off, but now everyone is really concerned and asks him what is wrong. Lady Macbeth stops their questioning lest Macbeth should reveal something incriminating, and she bids them all a good night. When Macbeth is alone with his wife, he tells her that he will seek out the witches for advice because he has killed so many that there is no coming back. Lady Macbeth pleads that it is nearly morning, and all he needs is a good night's rest. ...read more.

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