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Scene adaptation - In a tragedy the protagonist raises to greatness, then slowly collapses. An example of a tragedy is Macbeth., by William Shakespeare, which is set in 12th century Scotland.

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Scene adaptation Amir Ghassemi In a tragedy the protagonist raises to greatness, then slowly collapses. An example of a tragedy is Macbeth., by William Shakespeare, which is set in 12th century Scotland. Macbeth, the protagonist is determined to become great and rise above everyone, but his ambition leads him to murder and death. The process of a tragedy is slow. It makes an audience feel happy for the protagonist then, slowly signs appear that the main character is moving towards complete destruction. The purpose of a tragedy is to create fear or sympathy, and to produce catharsis, this teaches the audience not to make the same mistakes. Macbeth's character is a precise model for a tragedy because this protagonist, Macbeth, commits such cruel acts. This cruelty is not seen when we first meet the hero. By the end of the play he is an entirely different person than he was in the beginning. Act 1, scene 7, starts with a soliloquy, Macbeth is confused about his choices and he's having second thoughts. Macbeth almost talks himself out of killing the king. Macbeth also wonders whether these crimes are worth all the effort. Macbeth is Duncan's Kinsman, subject and host and doesn't want to hurt him. ...read more.


It is a letter from Macbeth, containing information about his meeting with the witches, the actual meeting itself could not be considered as betrayal, but for Macbeth to even hope for the witches information to become true is dangerous. This is very important; it shows that Macbeth trusts his wife with everything. Another indication of their relationship. I am setting my version of Macbeth in a Mafia family. This is because of the natural tragedy that develops within mafia families. Mafia soldiers are allowed to get so close to their Dons so therefore betrayal seems easy and irresistible. This can allow the story to become more understandable and realistic. Macbeth will be very strong physically, of good height and with overwhelming bulk. He is an expert in firearms and explosives. He enjoys life as collector for the XerzesClericuzio hotel in Vegas and is proud of his Sicilian routs. He has his little weaknesses, he drinks heavily, he always gambled and he is extremely fond of his wife. All these weaknesses somehow make him more effective as a weapon. Lady Macbeth will be presented as an intellectual. She loves reading, going to the cinema and discussing music and art. ...read more.


I would like his voice to sound weak and confused. Macbeths voice should tremble to show his scared self. I would like my version of the play to concentrate on Macbeth's character. In my view, Macbeth character is by far the most interesting. He has a double-minded character, which makes him unique. Specially as he is presented in two completely different ways. Physically strong Macbeth and the emotionally and mentally weak Macbeth. In my view, its Macbeth's interesting character that has made this plays such a success. From this play, we can learn many thing from different characters, but Macbeth character teaches us a lot of important things that we all face in modern society. Most Adults can tell the difference between good and bad, I believe that it's a natural instinct that the bad seems so appealing to us, especially when it can be to our advantage. And this play illustrates that. Macbeth is a kind person, but the killing of the king was irresistible to him even though he knew it was not a moral thing to do. The part of his character that knows he acted immoral, is the characteristic that he has that makes him weak and drive him to near insanity. Amir Ghassemi Ms Kenney Amir Ghassemi ...read more.

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