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Scene description of A streetcar named desire

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A streetcar named Desire-Scenes 3 + 4 In Scene 3, the men are playing poker at Stella and Stanelys. Drinks are strewn everywhere and the men are playing cards, drinking and talking. Mitch announces he has to go back to look after his mother. He goes to the bathroom before he leaves and bumps into Blanche. They start talking to each other and Mitch goes back to the game. Blanche returns to Stella and asks about Mitch. After a bit of time passes, Mitch and Blanche bump into each other again. They share cigarettes and talkto each other about life and lost loves. ...read more.


Blanche is astounded that Stella would go back to Stanely. Mitch comes to the stairs to comfort her. In Scene 4, Blanche, having slept at Eunice's, is nervous and scared to see how Stella is doing. However, Stella seems happy and relaxed. Blanche tackles the situation and Stella defends Stanley by saying he did'nt mean it and he was drunk, so it wasn't his fault. And she mentions how sorry he was, and how sweet he was to him. Blanche still opposes the situation and tries to convince Stella that Stanley is all bad, and an animal, for doing this to her. She tries to convince Stella that she should get out of this place, and she knows a colleague who could help. ...read more.


And is very stubborn, and independent. She is also a little bit desperate for a man, and clings on to Mitch quite a bit. We learn that Stella is a very good person. Not that we didn't know this before. She tries her best to deal with every situation in the best way possible. She helps Blanche, and she takes care as her quite well. She is also very forgiving, and forgave Stanley straight away. We learn that Stanley is very vulgar, and thinks he can do what he want, when he wants. He is a nice person at heart, but most of the time, he doesn't show it. Or rather he doesn't really know how to show it. He is quite greedy and a little bit selfish. By Sophia Bhimani 10S ...read more.

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