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Scholarship Article - 6 College scholarships that require no skill at all!

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6 College scholarships that require no skill at all! #1 the tall club scholarship Are you tired of hitting your head on the ceiling and having to duck every time you walk through a door? Are you constantly asked if you play basketball? Then this scholarship is for you! How can you get it? You only have to be 6'2'' if you're a male and at least 5'10'' for a female. Your college essay has to be on the title 'what being tall mean to me' and there is no word limit for this, as the college administrators know, that being tall is not really a special skill and of course, won't mean much to the candidate. ...read more.


How can you get this duct tape scholarship? Simple, you just have to make an item of clothing made entirely out of duct tape. The one with the best design will get a $6000 scholarship; the only sticky thing is, is having to get the duct tape off your skin...ouch! #3the Van Valkenburg memorial scholarship Are you sick on people teasing you about your last name? Constantly having to spell it out to your peers and teachers? Oh and does your last name happen to be Van Valkenburg? ...read more.


Then, you would have to write a 500-word essay on why you changed your last name. #4 Fredrick and Mary F. Beckley scholarship Fredrick and Mary Beckley cursed from birth, suffered from being left-handed. Fortunately, they overcame their curse and are now reaching out to those with the same affliction via a left-handed scholarship. The scholarship will only be given to those students of Juniata College in Huntington, Pennsylvania, of course, they also have to be left handed. We're not exactly sure how they test you if you're left handed or not. And luckily, this one doesn't require you writing an essay, but if it does, you better not let them catch you writing it with your right hand! ...read more.

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