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School of rock review

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School of Rock Review You may think that the entire idea of 'the loser with a heart of gold' has been used so many times there is nothing left to be gained, but director Richard Linklater has taken a fresh new spin, leaving this superb musical comedy a first-class winner. Led by top actor Jack Black, winner of the 2003 Golden Globe Award for best actor, who defines the role of Dewey Finn, hard rocker, and shoots for success. Black is perfect for this role with his previous involvement in rock duo Tenacious D, providing him with an edge of understanding into the lifestyle in which his character lives. The story is a simple one, and in lesser hands could have been a dull saccharine concoction. ...read more.


The reviews have not all been positive though. Josh Gilchrist of The Guardian claimed that 'It's nothing more than hawkeyed tripe we'd expect from the likes of some Disney film, with way too much sugar'. That is however unnecessarily harsh. Throughout there is a rock style edge to both the music and the action. The perfect casting of Black, White and Cusack lifts its way above the average for this genre. As US critic Robert Ebert dubbed it as, 'the first kid movie that parents will like more than their children.' In fact the film can be watched at several levels as most great films can. Not only is there in the enormous fun of the music and the children's journey but is also a strong subtext about what it is that really matters in life. ...read more.


Written by Mike White, the script contains echoes of Sundance- feted Jennifer Aniston feature the Good Girl. Richard Linklater first discovered his talent with the cult hit Slacker. Recently he has directed 'Tape' and 'Waking Life'. A key triumph was persuading Led Zeppelin to allow them to use their classic 'Immigrant song' as part of the films essential non-diegetic sound. However, having a past history of not allowing people to use their songs, Linklater turned to Black as his last hope for mighty non-diegetic sound. Black sent in a film of him pleading using his clever antics and hard core rock fan credentials, which was evidently persuasive enough. And as prayed by black in the film 'God of rock thank you for this chance to kick ass. Give us the power to blow people's minds with our high voltage rock.' They certainly have achieved that. Debbie Shackleton . ...read more.

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