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School Report

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Year 10 Alternative Transactional Persuasive/ Transactional Writing Assignment 3 School Report Inspector: Patrick Bagaza HMI I was assigned to inspect The Academy of St Francis Of Assisi in Kensington, Liverpool. I was appointed to find out the quality of pupils school life and a few other things the curriculum, teaching and learning and what can be done to improve. I wrote up a report of my findings and have included them in this letter. School Details Type of school-Academy/Secondary Age range of pupils-11-16 Gender of Pupils-Mixed Type of Authority-The Governing Body School sponsors- Church of England/Christian Marking Scheme A*- Outstanding A- Good B-Satisfactory C-Inadequate Buildings and Surrounding The school buildings are some of the latest I have seen in my school inspecting career. It is a very beautiful building with solar panel and some sort of plant growing on it side. The school is built at the edge of a huge park. The fact that it is by a park is a good thing for the students who like Physical Education because this means that they have a huge space to play football, run or whatever is in their lessons. ...read more.


The asked four more pupils and they shared similar opinions to the two above. I then set out asking pupils if there was anything they didn't like about the school. I asked a year 11 boy what they didn't like about the school and this what he said " I don't like how early we have to get to school but I know why we get in early it's so that we get to go home earlier other than that I think the school is great. The students are happy with the school which I think is always a sign that the school is doing something right which is good. Achieved Grade-A*. Teaching and Learning The academy's staff are making the level of teaching higher yet simple for all the pupils to understand. The pupils are listening and interact with the teachers well and get on with their tasks without much assistance. Overall I found the teaching and learning is excellent and at top standard. ...read more.


The school runs a programme named Aim Higher it's purpose is to make and show students why they should embark upon higher education which so far has proved successful. Achieved Grade A* What can be done to improve I found the school outstanding finding anything they can improve was very hard to find. After careful examination I found the following things could get improved on: * Raise standards so that all pupils are have a suitable challenge too match their knowledge. * Encourage more students to be involved in extra-curricular activities. Such as after school football and such. * Make sure all students get involved in the activities going on in class I found that some of the pupils were deliberately moving themselves away from the activities. * Tighten the punishment you get when you are late, at the moment all you get when you are late is 15 minutes detention which I personally don't think is tough enough to make the pupils come to school earlier. I would recommend at least giving these pupils 30 minutes detention and if not this make people pay the time they were late back. ...read more.

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