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School Reunion 2010

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Deepak Chandi School Reunion 2010 Congratulations were thrown my way as I headed for the pavilion after my 376 not out, which clinched the 5 match series from Pakistan. Being the captain of the Indian team, I knew I would still have to go up and collect the trophies and my man-of-the-match award. "The man-of-the-match for his astonishing 376 not out and amazing captaincy is Deepak Chandi. Could you come up and say a few words Deepak?" I ambled up the 42 red-carpeted stairs through a gangway of bats created by my fellow match participants in honour of my historic performance. An exhausted me arrived at the presentation box two long minutes later. "How did it feel to break the record set by Brian Lara?" "Well David (Gower), I was just concentrating on chasing the total. Obviously, it's nice to do so well but the main objective on my behalf was to stay in the middle and see out the innings." ...read more.


I had to push my way through the crowd, as I had no time to spare. I strolled into the large Harrods stores and bought a black suit made by the well renowned designer; Benny Frostino. We then sped away from the complex in my newly bought prestigious Ferrari 360 Modena registered as DEEP4K. As I approached the site where I remembered the school being, I came across some signs saying 'NSB'. In the distance, I could see what appeared to be a small but well lit up building. However, as every second passed the building was growing in size. Eventually we arrived at the 5-story car park. There were security guards everywhere, wearing bright yellow jackets, which seemed to be sponsored by Alex Cochran. There was a big picture of my school friend Alex pasted allover these jackets. I parked up on the 5th floor. Beside my beasty car pulled up a green battered Ford Escort. Out of it stepped my good friend and also current Wimbledon champion after defeating Lleyton Hewitt 24 hours earlier. ...read more.


was wearing the school uniform of our time complete with a yellow colored year strip. He turned around. "Hi Deepak. How are the kids?" asked the lone figure. "I don't have any Omar". "Oh Yeah! Replied the former president of Jordan. He tried to take over the world but his evil endeavor never took off. His children beat him up with long pipe cleaners and threw him out of office. We then entered the main hall to find a short man complete with spectacle lenses seven inches thick. He flipped his cape with the American flag stitched upon it and began to make outrageous claims. "I am the president of the U.S.A." He was wearing shorts on his legs. When his shaven, skinny legs began kicking at young children I knew who it was. I always knew George would end up like this. I then received a phone call from Roger Davies (the coach of the Indian cricket team) telling me to return to the team camp immediately. The reunion was over for me as I left in my Concorde. 1 ...read more.

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