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School's Out.

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Natalie Young 10T22 p - H SCHOOL'S OUT I wasn't keen on the idea from the start. But peer pressure is an awful thing. I felt as if I had no choice. Considering that I'm an easily frightened person, I should have guessed straight away that I would never fully recover from that night. Every time I'm alone in the dark I become panicky and fearful as I re-live the disturbing events which took place on the 17th of November, just one week ago. As I sit here in school, dragging myself through yet another monotonous maths lesson, with Mrs Webbe steadily scraping along the dilapidated blackboard with a tiny piece of blue chalk, I can still clearly picture the disconcerting images which congested this room only last week. Desperate for something to concentrate on other than algebra or multiplication, I notice the broken light on the ceiling which is occasionally flickering, and the memories begin flooding back once again.... "I bet you couldn't do it. I know you - you're like a cat up a tree. You're afraid of everything. Bein' such a brain-box, I would've thought you'd understand that you can't just stroll through life being too nervous to do somethin' wrong. You have to do this." I glanced briefly at her smug grin, but only for a second. I knew she was right. If I didn't bring myself down from my pedestal soon I was going to grow to be a senescent, sorrowful widow; too terrified to even step onto the porch. "Okay." I did not wish to over-compliment her self-satisfaction. "I'll do it. But that's it! I mean it Jen. No more, 'kay?" For my best friend, she was certainly pushy. She nudged my arm vigorously and winked. "This'll be great. You'll see." I glared at her reluctantly. She'd won. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I hopped out of bed and slumped onto the floor. ...read more.


After clambering over the metal fence, I anxiously walked down the rocky gravel path to the reception entrance. I shone my torch onto the large, stern door and slowly typed the code (which Jen had somehow discovered) into the small, rounded keypad attached. I heard a faint beep as I pushed the door open. I was inside. Without turning around, I heard the whistle of the wind gradually become quieter as the door closed behind me. First things first; I had to de-activate the beam. I looked down and noticed the thin, red line which ran straight across the floor, just a couple of centimetres from my legs. Pushing down onto my heels, I quickly leaped into the air and landed on the other side. Casting a brief look around, I suddenly spotted a little blue box on the wall. I crept over to it and clicked on the button which read 'de-act.'. So far it had been rather simple; but then came the hardest part. I opened the doors which led out of the reception area and into a long, neverending corridoor. I felt a horridly cold, tingly feeling ride along my spine. Staring ahead, all I could see was blackness, like looking down into an endless well. I had the urge to scream, but decided to remain still. I was quivering severely as I carefully took uneasy steps forward. Too frightened to watch where I was going, I closed my eyes, squeezing them so tightly shut that I felt like they were going to bulge right out of their sockets. I tapped my hands along the walls in order to feel my way. Then, abruptly, I came to a halt when my hand fell into a space; a doorway. I didn't want to open my eyes because I was afraid of what I might see (as I had been told several times of strange happenings when school had finished) but I knew I had to, otherwise I wouldn't know where to go. ...read more.


"It was awful. Absolutely awful!" I explained in detail the horrific nightmare which I had endured the night before. She had a sceptic look on her face and her arms were folded. "Do you expect me to believe that? Come on, Kate. They were always just rumours." "Oh yeah? I'll prove it to you. The photos." We decided to skip our first lesson and nip to the local shop to get the film developed. "Here you go. I have to tell you, though. They didn't come out too well." The woman held the photos over the counter. I didn't care for her comment and snatched the photos from her hand. Running out of the shop, I was excited about proving my terrifying experience. Handing the photos over to Jen, I grinned with satisfaction. "But Kate, they're blank." I looked up at her, puzzled. "What do you mean blank? I took loads. How can they all be blank?" My grin quickly disappeared from my face as I also peered down at the photos. She was right. They were totally black; not even a trace of what I had seen. "I knew you wouldn't do it!" She laughed as we trudged onwards to school. "Can anyone tell me what b multiplied by 2c is?" Mrs Webbe blurted out, ten minutes after writing a load of complete garbage on the blackboard. I had my eyes closed. I didn't want to be in the room. Despite it being full of other people and in total daylight, I just didn't want to be there. One week ago - that's all it was! But no one believed me - the photos were a catastrophie! So it's back to being me. Plain, boring old me. I put my hand up. " fourty-eight miss." I practically whispered it to save myself from the taunts of my classmates, but it didn't work. The jeers and laughter began. I felt something sharp poke into my back and I secretly started to weep. 'I'm through with dares!' I thought, as I let a tear drip onto my maths book. ...read more.

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