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School uniform should be banned

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* Banning school uniform allows a freedom of expression. Also it makes you feel more comfortable and showing your personality is a confidence booster and makes you feel good for who you are. * Enforcing uniform is a massive distraction for the teachers. A great deal of effort has to be put into enforcing the uniform regulations and this effort would be better put into enforcing good standards of behaviour to raise standards of teaching and learning. * School uniforms should be abolished because they are impractical for modern-day society. For many years, school uniforms have been worn by students in schools throughout the world. ...read more.


In some cases, when a few children do not have any uniforms the right size for them, they have to get one especially made for them which makes the cost even higher. Uniforms can also be a problem when private schools purchase uniforms for their students; as a result the school may raise its fees for parents. * A dilemma with uniforms is that often schools are unaware on how uncomfortable they are for students and its impact on the student's health. School uniforms are pretty uncomfortable when the weather or the seasons change, causing the student to be either too hot or too cold, therefore a handful of students will lose concentration in class. ...read more.


They are common in primary and secondary schools in many nations.[where?] When used, they form the basis of a school's dress code. Traditionally, school uniforms have tended to be subdued and professional. Boys' uniforms often consist of dark short or long trousers and light-colored shirt, often with a tie. Girls' uniforms vary greatly between countries and schooling systems, but typically consist of a dress or a blouse worn either with a skirt or culottes or under a pinafore. In some countries, gender-specific uniforms have been a point of contention, with some schools permitting female students to choose either skirts or trousers while still requiring male students to wear trousers. The use of a blazer or suit-like jacket for either gender is also fairly common, especially in countries with relatively cold weather. ...read more.

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