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Schooldays. At seven years old, school seemed just as fun as playing with my friends. Our classroom was so brightly coloured it reminded me of a sweety shop.

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Schooldays Lots to do, so much fun and not a single worry. That's all my childhood seemed to consist of! Life was like one big ride in my eyes. I was seven years old, living what you may say to be an ordinary life at the time. I lived on a farm in a small village called Ingleton, situated to the north-west of England. I lived with my family-my mum, dad and brother of nine years. My brother is called a Mark, we never really got on well, we used to bicker about the slightest things, and I can't even remember any of our arguments now, as they were such little things! My mum was expecting at this time, mark and I even managed to argue whether we were going to have a new baby brother or sister. Mark always wanted a baby brother so he could teach him how to play football and they could share the same interests. I, however always wanted to have a baby sister, mainly so I could dress her in beautiful dresses and we could play dollies together! I can remember the time when we found out mum had gone into hospital to have her baby like it was yesturday. Mine and Marks bedrooms were next to eachother and mum dads were opposite across the landing. ...read more.


The story-corner was my favourite part of the classroom. It was a small area with carpeted floor in the corner of the classroom. In there were lots and lots of brightly coloured cushions and storybooks. We also had the special chair at the back of the story corner which was a tall, posh chair covered in a blue sequined throw! You sat in the special chair when you had done something special or considerate to someone else in the class. I always used to feel so proud and special when I got selected to sit in the special chair. The story corner used to have different themes each week. The class would help to decorate it. I remember the sweet shop, the haunted house, the hospital and the dressing up room! We used the story corner when we read stories as a class or if you felt ill the teacher would make a bed out of cushions and let you sleep. School days were jam-packed of fun activities. The work even seemed fun then, most likely because it was set in a practical and fun way. The morning of our school day began with working. Then during the afternoon we had fun time, which consisted of painting, singing, dancing, nativity plays, PE, baking, art and preparing assemblies being performed to the rest of the school. ...read more.


We used to play party games all afternoon and dance non-stop! We had so much fun at primary school; it went so quick that before we knew it we were leaving in order to go to Ingleton Middle School! I was scared that it would be so much different and so serious and we wouldn't have any fun. I was wrong! The first day at middle school was extremely scary. I felt nervous about meeting my new teacher, making new friends and being bullied. Yet I was also extremely excited about making new friends, having a challenge and maturing! Part of me also felt curious, I was eager to try new things, have new lessons and have different experiences. Now looking back at starting middle school, I really don't know why I was nervous! I had such a good time at middle school too! My life did change dramatically. I knew it was time to start thinking about life and I began to realize that life wasn't jus a big ride and that it would be a big challenge! I matured tremendously and looked at life in a more adults form. Gradually I began to realize the importance of my education and knew that I would have to put a lot into life to gain a lot. I now attend Settle College and writing this essay has made me think about how my education has changed from being fun in the past and presently beginning my GCSE course. ...read more.

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