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sci fi narrative essay

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I'm fed up of my life. Everyday it's the same routine. I sat in front of my loyal and reliable pc and opened my notorious chat room. It was quarter to ten and I've waited for valuable information to electronically crop up. Out of the blue a bizarre message appeared. "Do you crave for paypal account details?" I read out. This message quenched my desire for priceless details. Quickly I typed and replied hell yeah. A list of words emerged on the colossal liquid crystal display screen. I examined the passage. It was an instruction for a paypal account with � 250,000 deposited in. The particular participant had written this under the pseudonym Omega. Before starting my money-hungry pursuit I printed the information in a sleek laminated sheet, wore my personalised arsenal top, baggy tracksuit bottoms and my flamboyant air max ltd plus I grabbed a handy USB. ...read more.


Unaware of closing my eyes, I opened them, blinking. "Hello, I'm Omega." said a voice. Stood before me was a man dressed in a funny fashion. "Welcome to cyberspace utopia." "Hey!" I shouted. "Where are the money packed accounts you promised me." "You must facilitate me first." "What's the catch chum?" Omega took a deep breath before explaining. "Delete the master program by using your infamous virus called exterminator V2.90025." "Why should I?" I reprimanded. "This is the program which controls the national grid. The master program or MP was upgraded to version 3.95 and gained artificial intelligence. He will annihilate the national grid and wipe out Great Britain as we know it." "Okay," I said in a sarcastic manner. "Where do I start?" "Head towards the control panel, there you will upload the super virus." he responded. I scrutinized the strange environment to find the control panel. ...read more.


Soon after, the next wave chased after us as we dashed towards the MP's lair. Omega blasted them as if it was a game of space invaders whilst I was plunging my e-katana through several chests. The minions were "deleted" and we headed cautiously towards a giant door. There was a small console next to the door and I soon began to do what I do best - hacking. The door was soon opened and we continued. It was a dull room with three giant computers. "Quickly upload the virus." he said in a drastic tone. While I was uploading the virus on the third computer through my USB a mysterious figure appeared in the room. He was a tall dark man with a ferret like moustache. Omega leaped towards him and cries out hurry. Omega tried his best to stall but he was beheaded by his deadly claws. The virus was uploaded and he screamed in horror. I soon realised who he was... ?? ?? ?? ?? Coursework Draft-Sci-fi Narrative Essay By Yasin Hassan ...read more.

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