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Script for a radio show.

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´╗┐Script on a radio Mausam film promotion Mantra the RJ Shahid Mantra: Good Morning Mumbai, this is your favorite RJ Mantra with our special guest Shahid Kapoor with us today. So Shahid tell us about your movie, ?Mausam? Shahid: The story outlines ?Mausam? as a story of timeless love in the face of political hostilities and religious conflict, between a proud Punjabi Air Force Officer, Harry (Shahid Kapoor) and an innocent Kashmiri refugee, Aayat (Sonam Kapoor). Set against a landscape that transcends a decade and spans continents, Mausam is a classic journey that transports one into a world of indestructible bonds of love enveloped by the roulette of destiny. ...read more.


Now the film is ready to release on September 23. Mantra: Music of the film is really appreciated and liked by the audience. Would you tell us more about it? Shahid: My father, as you all know that he is the film director, he said to me that Pritam would be the best for the music. He has given score in all my romantic film and he is the best man for the job. My father said that I should also accompany him when he meets Pritam. When they met I left in fifteen minutes because they both gelled well. ...read more.


Sonam and I have also become good friends and we had a lot of fun in the sets of the film. My father would come to us and then would politely scold us for talking too much and not paying attention to the role. Mantra: Audience is eager to watch your film and we hope it is a big success. Shahid: It was great being on this show. Thank you guys for supporting and waiting for the film. do watch the film on the 23rd. Mantra: This brings us to the end of the show. Do tune in tomorrow at same time and same place. We will leave you with this song from his film, ?Sajh Dajh ke?. Till then bye and drive safe. ...read more.

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