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Script work - Who should be duke of Milan?

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Script work - Who should be duke of Milan? Judge: Antonio, you are charged with illegally usurping the dukedom of Milan. Do you plead guilty, or not guilty? Antonio: Not guilty. Judge: Prosecution, you may call your first to give evidence: Miranda. P Lawyer: Miss Miranda, how long have you known about your father's unfortunate past? Miranda: Oh, well I only found out yesterday. I have always had memories of being on a boat, and a huge storm arising, but I thought I must have been dreaming, or at least making it up. P Lawyer: And do you think that Mr Antonio was right to banish your father? Miranda: No I certainly do not! ...read more.


Prospero: Well, Antonio had responsibilities to these areas. I would come up with a solution, and then Antonio would, consequently, address the situation. P Lawyer: Thank you Mr Prospero, No further questions Your Honour. Judge: Defence, you may call your first to give evidence: Caliban. A Lawyer: So, Mr Caliban, do you think that Mr Prospero should regain his position as duke of Milan? Caliban: Under the circumstances, no. That man stole my island. It was my mother's island before and I think that he (pointing to Prospero) should be prosecuted for usurping my island, and enrolling me as his slave. He deserves everything that comes to him. A Lawyer: So, it is safe to say that Mr. ...read more.


He spent too much time in that cursed library of his, and he never took any time to notice the people around him. Whenever there was any paperwork, or legal problems, he gave them to me to sort out. He even let me forge his signature! I was practically Duke already - all I would have needed was the title! A Lawyer: But why banish him, Mr Antonio? Antonio: I banished him because I knew he would kick up a fuss if I let him stay. I suppose I also assumed that if he got shipwrecked on some island, he would learn that there is more to life than himself and books. A Lawyer: Thank you Mr Antonio. I have no further questions, Your Honour. Judge: (Bangs Hammer) Court postponed until Friday 21st November, where we will hear and carry out the verdict. 06/05/07 Amy Murray 8H ...read more.

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