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Scripted Monologue: Red Poppies

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Scripted Monologue: Red Poppies Alice stands in the kitchen with a cup in her hand, it's very dark. She is in her dressing gown, her hair tied back neatly in a bun. Had a bad dream, eighteen and still having bad dreams. Reminds me of when I was little, mum would come in and sooth me back to sleep every single time. Every morning afterwards I would run out into the garden and pick red poppies from the field they were her favourite. She would tell me all about granddad and the war. Every year we would put poppies on the war memorial and on his grave, he didn't die in the war, about ten years later he passed away, I remember asking did he have enough time, on earth I meant, everybody has exactly the same number of hours a day that were given to Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein, one of her favourites that one, of course she had just quoted it, like all the others. ...read more.


(Sips again out the bottle I'll never forget that first sip, I loved it. I never shared it, I didn't need to. I had finally found my "it" and it was magic. I knew in the first sip I had found the kind of secret adults don't share. The tingling and warmth started at the top of my head and consumed my entire body, all the way down to my toes, as I lay in The Field. Then something amazing happened, everything was quiet and I wasn't thinking one single thing, everything was gone. It had to be magic. She never even noticed. She still gets red poppies for her room. One of the few reminders of my childhood. I hate them (Eyes glaze over) she didn't even notice, (tears stream down her face) ...read more.


he... raped me near enough every single night. I never stop having the nightmares. When I walked into your room with the gun, I saw it in his eyes.... he knew, the bastard. That's why I shot him first, I'm glad he didn't die straight away, he need to feel the pain, the pain of the last ten years of my life. I hope you felt pain, agonising pain. I can hear the sirens. One last gun shot and its over. You...you started to cry, you cried when I shot him, you fucking bitch. I'm going to heaven now, in that place nothing matters. I told you what he had done, and you still wept by his side, you fucking bitch. (Alice sobs quickly, her voice falls into a whisper) I look back now over the blasted ruins of my past with pain, but all is quite now. Death and darkness draws in, I hear silence. You knew (Alice shoots herself) mummy ...you... knew. ?? ?? ?? ?? Claire Newby, Monologue. ...read more.

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