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Sea story

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Sea story Lachlan was staring out at the countryside in his car, he was bored but he did not mind because he was going to meet his uncle who had promised to bring him out to the sea to fish for a whole week and he knew it would be fun, so he did not mind the boredom at all and with this thought he fell off to sleep. After a few hours, he woke up and saw his uncle waving at him at the car window, he had already arrived at his uncle's place. His uncle's house was a two-storey building, which was built on the seashore of the Tasmanian sea, his uncle had brought it a few years ago because of the sea view and he liked going out to the sea to fish. Lachlan took out his fishing gear and followed his uncle to the boat. Uncle Tom showed him the cabin and said 'This is where you will be staying until they get to the middle of the ocean and Greg will be here with you' as he brought Greg along and went off to start the boat. 'Have a nice time!' Lachlan heard his mum and aunt shout from the dock as the boat head off towards the ocean. Greg was Uncle Tom's son, and like his father, he also loved the sea. ...read more.


They started to fill up the raft, but they were half way through it when Greg and the raft was thrown out into the sea as the boat was tilted up high in the air. 'Dad, help!' Greg managed to cry out as he held on to the raft, Uncle Tom told Lachlan to try to pull Greg back up, but as Lachlan was doing this, he was thrown off board as well. 'Splash!' Lachlan heard himself fall into the sea, he inflated his life-jacket and rose back to the surface, but he could not help swallowing some sea water as the waves were crashing violently. 'Here,' Lachlan heard Greg shout and saw that he had managed to climb on the raft, franticly he swam to the raft as if he had been saved from the disaster and got a grip of Greg's hand. He pulled himself up and saw Uncle Tom standing on the deck of the boat, looking at it for the last time, now most of it had been wrecked by the storm and bits and pieces of junk and wood were all over the boat, it was going to wreck any moment, so Uncle Tom jumped and landed right next to the raft and Lachlan and Greg pulled him onto the raft. As soon as he had got up, he asked them, 'Ok, what have we got on the raft?' ...read more.


' Where am I?' he managed to choke out a small raspy cry. Mum came over, hugged him and said, ' Its okay now, you are safe in hospital with doctors looking after you.' 'What about the others?' Lachlan asked his mum, she replied that they were all safe and told Lachlan to get some more rest, so he went off to sleep again. After a month or so, Lachlan finally recovered and could get out of bed, but the first thing he heard when he saw Greg was that Uncle Tom had died, Lachlan cried hard, he had been so close to his uncle. Later, Lachlan read on the newspaper that the wrecked boat had somehow floated to a cargo ship, which rang up the sea rescue team to check the registration. Luckily, his aunt knew where his uncle usually went fishing and the rescue team were able to locate the raft after a few days of searching. But sadly, his uncle had died of dehydration, the doctors said that the amount of food and water found in his uncle's body was much smaller than that found in his and Greg's. The news journalist suspected that his uncle had given more food and water to his son and nephew than to himself. Sadly, here ends the tragic story of Uncle Tom, who had sacrificed his life on his beloved sea to save his son and his nephew and may his act of bravery be always remembered. ...read more.

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