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seamus heany poetry

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"Seamus heany" I am studying two poems they are from different a culture in Ireland. The two poems were written by a man called Seamus heany, he grew up in a farm in Ireland during the war and his dad and granddad were both farmers. But he didn't follow in their foot steps. "Digging" is a poem written by a man called Seamus heany in Ireland. It was written in the time of war. It is about his dad as a farmer and how much he admired him; it starts by a sense that triggers a memory e.g. a smell, noise, taste. It is all a memory that he loved, he reminisces about the past. ...read more.


But all he did is follow in his dad's shadow. At the end Seamus says" I was a nuisance, tripping, falling, now his dad is the one who stumble and is behind him and wont go away", because he is old and is deteriorating , he compared him with his dad. Follower is four short lined stanzas. It has rhyming sentences every two lines. It has short sentences that make it very tense and a fast pace... It doesn't have rhythm but some near rhyme in the way you pronounce it. "Follower" has quick paced sentences and the sounds put a picture into your head. This is what makes it a good poem. Digging uses three out of five senses, it uses sight touch and sound. ...read more.


Because he reminisces about the past. The poet must have wanted to remember the thoughts forever or share his feeling with other people without actually telling them. He loved his dad and admired him, but became a poet instead, his relationship with his dad is a loving one and they bond a lot on the farm. He really loves faming and wishes he could go back to his dad but he chose to write instead. I though "Seamus heany" put all his feelings and heart into his poems, it tells you even the simplest of things and yuckiest, it will still be enjoyed. It made me feel happy because it made me remember my child hood and what I did like playing in the sand made me happy and I looked up to my dad when he was working. It brings joy to people who read it and is a good poem. BY CRAIG.P ...read more.

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