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Search for My Tongue and Presents form My Aunts in Pakistan.Compare and Contrast The Ways In Which Each Poem Describes Being Part Of Two Different Cultures.

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COMPARE AND CONTRAST THE WAYS IN WHICH EACH POEM DESCRIBES BEING PART OF TWO DIFFERENT CULTURES. In this essay I shall compare the ways in which each poem describes being part of two different cultures. The word culture is a religion or a belief you belong to or something shared by people. A culture can be a Somalian culture in which we like to eat rice however I am also a part of British culture which I like to eat fish and chips. In my opinion I think it is important to belong to a culture because it represents you and what you do in your life. If you are part of more than one culture you will have a clash. The moral of a Muslim culture says don't steal furthermore the school culture, kids may tell you to steal. We have been looking at these two poems exploring these themes. The first poem is "Presents from My Aunts in Pakistan". This tells the story of a teenage girl who does not feel comfortable in the Pakistani clothes sent to her by her relatives but prefers wearing denim and corduroy, which are her everyday clothes in England. The second poem we have been investigating is "Search for My Tongue". It examines about a young adult that forgot about her two tongues which means her two languages. ...read more.


In this quotation she is sensitive and fragile because it indicates her. The word "blood" suggests her cultural identity which is Pakistani culture. The word snapped specifies that she has been torn apart from two different cultures. The clothes make her feel awkward for example "satin silken top was alien". In this extract the girl in "Present..." feels that she is alien and alien implies she does not belong in this world. The word "alienated" is a use of oxymoron because alien and sitting room does not go together. The poet us oxymoron because you should feel at home when you are sitting in the sitting room however the girl in "Presents..." she feels uncomfortable sitting in her living room wearing her Pakistani clothes. The clothes remind her that she is 'half-English', which makes her feel uncomfortable and at the same time, she says the clothes are 'radiant in the wardrobe'. Even though she isn't wearing them, they seem full of light and beauty compared with her other things. She is drawn to the flourishing colours. The girl in "Presents form My Aunts in Pakistan" feels that she would be more relaxed in her everyday English clothes. An example would be "I longed for denim and corduroy". In this quotation she is showing that she really likes the British clothes. ...read more.


for the reason that the girl does not feel right with Pakistani clothes she likes wearing her dull every day clothes which are denim and corduroy. The poet sometimes feels she is losing her native language. An example would be "I thought I spit it out". In this quotation she feels that she is rejecting her native language and she is feeling that she is losing it. In contrasts with "Presents..." she does not feel comfortable wearing her Pakistani clothes. Both of the poems have similarities which they are both lost and don't know what culture they are from. The two poems are also different in their use of structure which means when something is laid out or it makes something clear. Sometimes, structure is hidden. It is important to understand the structure because the poet lays out the poem so it emphasis the poem. An example would be when the poet uses rhythm and rhyme. We notice that then the other normal rules. In "Presents Form My Aunts in Pakistan", she uses symmetrical structure she does not follow a path she follows her thoughts and memories as the girl is confused. The poet shows the flow of her thoughts as how one memory triggers another. First of all the poet starts of talking about her "salwar kameez". Then she goes of and talks about her mother's jewellery then she goes back to her birth place which triggers her thoughts about her real culture which is Pakistani culture. ?? ?? ?? ?? Intisar Mohamed 10.R ...read more.

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