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Search for my tongue and presents from my aunts in pakistan comparison

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Connor Heeley How does the poet convey that identity is important in "Presents From My Aunts in Pakistan" and "Search For My Tongue"? Personality, appearance and where we stand in life all make up our identity. The country that we grew up in can also have a very strong effect on our identity. In "Presents From" family traditions are important ideas where as in "Search For" the language that she speaks is a major factor in her identity. You cannot help but notice the structure of "Search For" as it is split down the middle with a full stanza of Gujarati. This gives us an instant hint into what her problem is as we can see the visual representation of the Gujarati interrupting her English. Another thing that the structure tells us is that the languages can co-exist. By reading it we notice that the English still makes perfect sense without the interruption of the Gujarati. ...read more.


Both poets use metaphorical language, for example in "Search For" an extended metaphor is used as she keeps referring to the tongues being like plants growing in her mouth until one grows longer and dominates. She refers to it as a plant many times such as "grows longer, grows moist, grows strong veins, it ties the other tongue in knots". This metaphor emphasises her feelings on her identity. In "Presents From" the poet does not use an extended metaphor but she still uses them to support her message of her conflict of not quite fitting in. She uses this metaphor "Candy-striped glass bangles snapped, drew blood". They snapped so this gives us the impression that she doesn't belong to her Pakistani identity and that she is trying to break free of it. Another metaphor is at the end "staring through the fretwork at the Shalimar gardens" this shows her situation as if there is a barrier stopping her from being part of Pakistan. ...read more.


The poem starts off in an anxious tone as she is worried, the next stanza shows the big turning point where as in the last stanza it shows the poet relieved and optimistic as she realises that her 'tongues' can live together. In "Presents from" the tone doesn't change as she still feels as if she is stuck between cultures. Therefore the tone stays the same in tune with the way she feels about her identity, I liked both of these poems but I prefer "Presents From" as I feel as if you could relate to it more whether or not your problem is about is about your identity. Regardless we all feel confusion, and struggle to work out our problems sometimes. "Search For" talks about identity in one specific way, i.e. 'languages' therefore it can be quite a hard poem to relate to unless you speak two languages. Both poets convey that identity is important in their own special ways. ...read more.

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