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Second Chance

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Second Chance It is raining, a relentless downpour; it had begun in the early evening and had only become stronger, with no sings of stopping. You gaze out the passenger window, watching the raindrops race down the window and the insistent pattering of the raindrops on the car roof is driving you insane. You've stopped at some traffic lights; you notice the little rivulets forming at the side of the road. The bright lights on the high street just seem a blur, everything does. Your senses feel numb, you are aware that the window is open, and that you should feel cold, and that the stereo is blaring out music, and you should hear it, yet you can't, you cannot feel a thing. ...read more.


The window screen wipers working furiously to remove the raindrops, yet they just keep coming. The beaming headlights of passing cars merge together, and it's all just one huge vivid mass of light. Ahead you can catch sight of the bollard. The sign, the flashing amber lights, the ambience is changing, you can feel the panic, as your friend pushes the breaks, someone is screaming, you dig your nails into the seat, scrunching up your face waiting for the impact. The car is screeching to a stop, yet it hits the bollard, flipping over, you feel the pressure of the seat belt, you hear the wind, and you can see the ground spinning toward you. ...read more.


But then you remember, those people who you were with, and those you lived with, and they are no longer a memory, they are what you want, what you need and your desperate to be back, the light is hurting your eyes and you scream out. Someone is calling your name, again and again, you try to respond, have you stopped screaming? But then its quiet, and darkness surrounds you. You can hear people talking, but you cannot make out what they are saying, and an unrelenting beeping fills your head. Your back, and this time you will make the most of it... you were given a second chance. However your friends didn't, and you hope that they were the ones meant to be in the car, and that the song you choose, their last song, was one they had wanted to hear... "Live everyday to its fullest..." ...read more.

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