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Secret Life of the Bees

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Everyone has a story that he carries around in his heart. Some are happy stories, some are stories of despair, and some are filled with hope. No matter what, these are bound to affect each bearer. In the novel The Secret Life of Bees, two of the main characters are followed by a story of the past. Lily Owens, a runaway fugitive, is haunted by a decade ago tragedy of witnessing her mother's death. The tragedy though, is that she is the one who accidentally committed this horrible act. August Boatwright is one of three eccentric sisters, who also happens to be a beekeeper. She has a more optimistic story to tell, as it is one of obtaining courage and hope from a source other than family or friends. ...read more.


On the other hand, it can be a bad change. Ever since the accident ten years ago, Lily does not stop thinking about how her life could have been better. Every good story gives hope to the reader or listener. "It's my time to die, and it's your time to live. Don't mess it up" (Kidd, 210). This was said by May Boatwright, in her letter she left to her friends and family. This helped August realize that she has to continue her life even after the death of her caring sister. It gives August, June, and even Lily hope for the future. This adds on to the hope given by the black Mary statue, and is now part of August's life story. ...read more.


You can hate me all you want, but she's the one who left you" (Kidd, 39). August seeks truth in a different way. Her search is for guidance and a purposeful life. When the statue was handed down to her from her previous generation, so would begin her quest for truth about life, happiness, and others. It is important for most people to be happy, but one needs to find the truth in things before this can by accomplished. The greatest impact on a person's outlook on life is the story he carries with him wherever he goes. It can make you a better person, or it can make you bitter. In The Secret Life of Bees the audience sees how the stories change the character's lives, gives the characters hope, and a chance to strive for the most important value, truth. ...read more.

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