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Secrets, BILLLLLLLLL she screamed. A figure appeared in the doorframe, when Sue turned around she was shocked to see him smirking. I see youve found my little, how would you putsurprise

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Secrets Bill locked the last bolt on the door. "Another day finished" Bill said with a sigh. "I'll just finish putting these in the back room". Sue heaved the last box into the storeroom and dropped it on the floor. She took the pencil out of her mouth and started marking of the boxes on the clipboard. "Nine..Ten..Ele...What the hell!!" She slowly stepped towards the strange object and as she approached it she began to realize what it was. "BILLLLLLLLL" she screamed. A figure appeared in the doorframe, when Sue turned around she was shocked to see him smirking. " I see you've found my little, how would you put...surprise" Sues mouth dropped open. "But, what, how, who is it?" Sue stammered. "Just someone that needed, taken care of. Now we're not going to tell anyone are we? We wouldn't like that to be you, would we?" he replied with a nod. Sue was rooted to the spot. She could feel her body shivering with fear. She felt like she had been standing there for hours. When reality finally hit her she let out a huge scream and ran for her life. "She won't get far" Bill said to himself with a menacing laugh. ...read more.


Just as he was about to turn around and go back into the room he heard a radio crackle. "No sign of anyone here. Over." A deep, manly voice said. Bill spun round and was greeted by an overweight, red-faced policeman. "Well, Hello young man" said the jolly policeman patting Bill on the back. Bill gave a weak smile. "Can I help you officer?" he said. "Well, as you may have already a young lass b the name of Sue Mcbeath has gone missing" he said without much effort. Bill felt like he was reciting a well-rehearsed speech. "Anyway, to get to the point" he added. " We believe that she was a colleague and a friend of yours". "Yes" Bill gave a fake sigh. " A very good friend of min. Last time I saw her was yesterday evening, around five to six. I told her she could go early and that I would lock up." "Did she say where she was going?" "No officer. I just presumed she would be going home like usual." "Was she acting at all strangely?" "No officer. Just being her usual cheery self." Bill told the officer as he wrote notes down on his note-pad. ...read more.


"Where's the light in here" "Well actually officer" Bill said pointing to he roof "The bulbs burst" "No worries, I'll use my torch." He shone his torch all over the room kicking empty boxes out of his way. As he got nearer and nearer the body Bill held his breath. Just as he was about to reach it, he turned around. "No, nothing here." It was the same from every officer. Darren burst into tears. "We'll ever find her" Darren cried through great big sobs. "Don't worry son, this was only a quick scan. The shop will be cornered off and we'll have snuffer dogs in by tonight. The officers were about to leave. Darren was still in tears. "Uhmm officer" Bill Said " I was just about to get my break so I could make Mr.Mcbeath a cup of tea or coffee if that's ok" "What would you like to do Mr Macbeath?" asked the policeman "A cup of tea would be great. I'll call my wife and she'll pick me up." Darren sniffed. "We shall phone this evening Mr Mcbeath with more information" the policeman called as he left the shop. As the sound of the police van leaving got more distant Darren looked up at Bill with a grin. "Wow!! That was a close one! Now, what were you saying about the quarry for the body?" Darren said ...read more.

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