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It was as if a gateway to hell had been prised apart before their eyes. Daemons, black and terrible came crawling through the village. With pale scars carved deep in their skin, that hatched and crossed across their and face and ran wild through their body. Screeching - they hastily began to set light to the homes standing at the village centre. Crooked horns glistened in the moonlight, shining a brilliant ruby red as they continued to scream and torment the civilians - scattering like shoals of fish, they would clamber and fall in their desire for safety. Jack continued to watch them from the safety of his ledge; feeling temporarily sure that they had not spotted him. Though he could not stay there for long. ...read more.


He trembled at the scene. A young girl, gripped securely in her mother's hold as they ran, was swept of her feet and dragged hastily in the opposite direction by two grunting daemons - distorted in chaos; the woman had no chance of retrieving her daughter. The girl had reminded him vaguely of Lilly. Lilly! What would she do? His mind grew hot now with frantic concern for his sister. Without his sister what is his life worth? He had no choice, deserting her was not an option. Though out there - there was a strong chance he would be killed. He began to shake. Wanting nothing more dearly than to blank out the screams and torment from outside. ...read more.


The forest was still. "Lilly," her father whispered. "Yes Daddy," she answered, watching her butterfly as it flittered about the flower beds. "Lilly!" He said again, "listen to me." She stopped her game, and with distaste looked up at him expectantly. "Yes Daddy" she repeated. He went to talk, but paused once more as if he heard a sound, raising his head he breathed heavily. Glancing about the trees, he bent down towards his daughter. "Honey listen to me," he said waiting for her full attention. "Honey you must do as I say - alright? Regardless of what it is you must do it. Do you understand?" Her expression became suddenly nervous; looking up at her father with terrified concern, she nodded. "Good, now this is what you must do... " ...read more.

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