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Section One - Analysis of Fight Club

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Section One - Analysis Denotation: In the final scene Jack has a gun in his hand and is at the top of a building, waiting for the great explosion that has been set to take place. He puts the gun in his mouth, and is about to shoot the side of his face. Connotation: In the final scene Jack takes the only action possible in his own mind. The irony is that Jack is now able to see more clearly after he has shot himself and killed Tyler. Jack now seems not to require his father or Tyler or anyone else so much; 1. What is the point of the three-minute scene? This scene changes the whole affect of how you felt on the whole movie. ...read more.


Music 2 - Non diagetic music= *Not very dramatic for explosion to show That a new beginning of Jack's life - "reborn". Blow up of buildings like fireworks, representing colour towards the scene to show feel of happiness towards Jack. Instead of feeling a sense of tragic towards the building collapsing we feel a sense of relief for Jack - a new beginning of his life. COLOUR: Keeps things dark and gloomy (almost neo-noir) using set design and also costume. *Colour mostly used is black - Dark night, dark clothes, dark rooms Dullness of colour showing that Jack is at at his lowest point. - When explosion-showing feels Confident towards his new beginning (Just before explosion he says "trust me everything's going to be fine". ...read more.


*Wide shot used to show explosion as it were a festival of fireworks - Something to look forward to for Jack's new beginning. "Trust me; everything's going to be fine". Other than that, mostly straight cuts used with mid-shots, focussing on the upper half of the body- maybe because movie is concentrating Jacks brain and his mind? GENRE= It is hard to classify Fight Club to any specific genre. It is a dark comedy - so dark, in fact, that a lot of critics didn't find it funny at all. It is nearly always night-time and raining outside. The sets and locations are atmospheric and gloomy. The themes running through Fight Club are universal: depression, insanity, loneliness and the need to be accepted. ?? ?? ?? ?? AS MEDIA - ASSIGNMENT ONE Zahra Okera Assignment Title: Textual Analysis of a film (Fight Club) ...read more.

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