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See you tomorrow Joe.

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See you tomorrow Joe "See you tomorrow Joe" exclaimed the old and wrinkled caretaker. "Ok" Joe who was middle aged man with matted black hair finished putting together his last Hoover for the day. The time was around 8 o' clock pm and the sky outside contained a bright white full moon lighting up one side of the scruffy man's face. Joe stood alone at the entrance to a medium-sized warehouse, which was surrounded with other warehouses, empty of people. Joe was always the last to lock up, as he was a slow worker, unlike the other "youngsters" as he called them that worked there. As usual everyone in his warehouse and everyone in all the other brown and dilapidated wooden workplaces had gone home hours ago. Joe was alone with his thoughts as he locked up the huge wooden sliding doors that he always wished he would never have to enter again. Joe walked along a not very wide concrete path that he usually used to get home. "CLANK" Joe spun round to see a lid from a litterbin fall onto the floor; it rolled around like a tortoise trying to get up. Joe let out a breath of air as he continued to walk. Joe knew there had been a murder around 12 months ago in the area; this was cast off as a one-off killing as there hadn't been any other deaths a year on. ...read more.


"Tim you've got your therapist appointment today at 8pm, make sure you get there on time" "Ok mum............Mum why didn't dad come back last night" he asked, The 45 year old with black bags under eyes turned round and gave Tim an angry look, "You know why, don't go asking those stupid questions," she snarled angrily. "Why don't you tell him you know about Cindy?" he asked "If I did than we would separate and he'll battle for custody of little Adrian, you know how much he loves him." She exclaimed in a more sympathetic tone than before. "I know," mumbled Adrian enviously. "I can't let anything come between me, you and Adrian you know that don't you Tim, nothing." "KNOCK, KNOCK" went the dilapidated wooden door. Adrian ran out of the front room and shouted "daddy!" Ran up to the door and tried to reach the doorknob using his short skinny arms, with no success. Mrs Rint carried on placing the eggs and bacon on Tim's plate as if no one was knocking; She had a solemn look on her face. Tim placed his hand on the brass doorknob noticing it felt unusually cold and turned it, he was surprised to see a policeman holding his helmet over his chest. "Are you Mr Rint's son" he asked in a quiet tone. ...read more.


Sarah put down the jeans and picked it up. It was covered in blood, and the first page had been ripped unevenly from the pad. She ran downstairs hoping she was wrong and picked up the suicide note from the floor in front of the door where it had been left. She ran back upstairs to the notepad in Tim's room. Slowly she placed the note on top of the pad. The note matched the piece of paper left from the tear. Sarah then glanced inside the wardrobe and noticed a very small brass knob. She slowly placed her hand on it and noticing it was freezing cold pulled down. She reached inside the newly discovered compartment and pulled out a black cloak and a small piece of black material covered in blood. (CLANK) she spun around and watched as the lid of the bin rolled around in circles, like a tortoise trying to get up. She watched as Tim slowly walked through the door. He turned to face her carrying an evil grin. "Amy finally told me what was wrong with me mum" he walked towards her slowly, she tried to scream but no sound came out, she tried to move but was too scared. Tim slowly pulled out a knife, which glistened with the light from the full moon, coming from the window. The knife moved closer and closer to her neck, "I'm sorry Sarah I'm sorry Adrian. I had to do it I had to!" Tim laughed. Tom Westerman ...read more.

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