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Seemed like a good idea at the time

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It seemed like a good idea at the time Monday morning in school, everyone running around and gossiping about going out and how they wanted the whole class to go, Excitement filled the air with the smiles on peoples faces, the jumping up and down once they were deciding what to wear and what way they would do their hair. So that night I went home and started telling my mum about the whole thing and asked her could I go, she replied "No Sarah, I don't think so because you haven't cleaned your room when I have asked you to, you didn't empty the dishwasher for me yesterday and you have already got two detentions since you started back at school!". I begged her and promised her I would do what I was told and stay out of trouble in school but I wasn't going to convince her, and the fact that I kept going on didn't help matters. ...read more.


So that afternoon I went home, sat down at the table and did my homework, and after dinner I cleaned the dishes, then I said to my mum, "Mum, instead of going out can I stay in Yasmins because she isn't allowed to go either and she asked me to stay over" She looked at me and nodded her head twice, then said yeah. I smiled and jumped of the sofa with joy and shouted "Thank You" as I rushed up the stairs. So that next day in school I came marching in with a smile right across my face. I saw Yasmin and ran over to her with excitement to tell her the good news. We were both jumping around and planning everything about that night, I was so happy that I was going out with them for definite and I was sure that the plan was going to work. ...read more.


sorry" down the phone; she just said "when you get home, you'll be sleeping in our house tonight and ill have words with you" then hung up. I told Yasmin what happened; she bit her lip and started to panic aswell, Since we arrived, through the whole night, and on the way home I was panicking over what she would say. The night was brilliant although it would have been a lot better if this hadn't of happened. Once I got back to Yasmins my mum was there waiting on me, I got my stuff from upstairs and got into the car. On the way home she didn't say anything to me for a while, then she came down on me like a tonne of bricks, while she was roaring away at me, I tried not to say much, at the end of it all. She told me how disappointed she was in me and grounded me for 3 weeks. ...read more.

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