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Select the Character of either Eddie, Beatrice or Catherine. Explain how an actor/actress playing your chosen character could show the changes that occur in that character during the course of the play

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30th March 2001 Select the Character of either Eddie, Beatrice or Catherine. Explain how an actor/actress playing your chosen character could show the changes that occur in that character during the course of the play "A View From A Bridge" is a play by Arthur Miller. It is set in 1950s New York. The play concentrates on a poor family and what happens when some Italian relatives come to stay, illegally. I have chosen to concentrate on Catherine because I fell she undertakes the most emotional changes throughout the play. Catherine is a 17 year old girl who is still studying at school. She lives with her Auntie and Uncle, Beatrice and Eddie. I went to see a production of the play at the Belgrade theatre in Coventry. Overall the play was good. The first act was a little slow and tedious but the second act was excellent. They did rush the end part in which Eddie dies. Catherine was a little over the top and looked like she was trying to seduce Eddie at one point. I liked how they ensured that they were all in the correct attire. Eddie wore a shirt and trousers with a large belt. Both Catherine and Beatrice were in dresses with their hair tied up. Rodolfo had a big quiff and dresses like an old fashioned "teddy Boy". I thought the way the stage revolved to give the idea of a journey with superb. ...read more.


When Beatrice sides with Rodolfo against Eddie, to prove he is not jealous Eddie says it is because they are "...taking more of a chance.." Throughout this encounter Catherine should be quiet and nervous. When argument ends she should begin to look relieved as she walks over to the record player. She is about to make the first step towards defying Eddie. She says, "You wanna dance Rodolfo?" As they dance Eddie stars to make fun of Rodolfo very subtley "It's wonderful. He sings, he cooks, he could make dresses..." Catherine then makes a comment very naively because she doesn't know Eddie is being sarcastic "They get some high pay them guys..." The actress should say it very cheerfully and with bright eyes. When Eddies says that "The water front is no place for him..." Catherine should be very angry because Eddie is questioning Rodolfo's masculinity. When Eddie becomes more and more angry she should be afraid and maybe stand in front of Rodolfo. When she offers to "...make some coffee..." She should be nervous but trying to defuse the situation. Catherine enters from the kitchen to see Eddie and Rodolfo sparring. She should act inquisitive but at the same time nervous. When Eddie lands a punch Catherine rushes to Rodolfo to check he is alright. Catherine should be very concerned. Then Rodolfo asks Catherine to dance. Catherine is a little apprehensive to do so but agrees with some uncertainty. ...read more.


She trying desperately to save them. She should be kneeling on the ground, distraught, pleading with them. Catherine goes to tell Beatrice about the wedding because Rodolfo and Marco have made bail. When she speaks she is nervously confident. Then as Eddie tell Beatrice not to go Catherine is enraged because she is tired of Eddie's control "...who the hell do you think you are?" She should show this by squaring up to Eddie and putting her face directly in front of his. She needs to show she is no longer afraid of him. She cries to show how much it pains her. When Catherine hears Marco is coming she should act nervous and pace the room with worry. Later, Beatrice suggests that Eddie "...wants something else..." (Catherine). Catherine is shocked that Beatrice has said this. She looks at her Auntie with disgust at the suggestion. When Marco arrives he starts fighting with Eddie. Catherine and Beatrice hold on to each other alarmed by the violence. Eddie gets stabbed. Catherine is distraught and blames herself. She feels responsible "I never meant anything bad to happen to you!" She should weep and fall, defeated, to her knees. She is shocked when, with his dying breath, Eddie professes his love for his wife, Beatrice. In my essay I believe I have expressed the changes that Catherine endures. She begins as an insecure and na�ve girl and becomes a strong passionate young woman. I prefer the play to the performance I saw because we were able to put our own interpretation on the story, which differed from the production at Coventry. By Dominic Penney 10AW ...read more.

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