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Select two contrasting incidents from

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Select two contrasting incidents from "Lord of the Flies" which make you think about a particular issue. In a two part essay of a least one thousand words, show how William Golding's powerful writing makes the incidents powerful and thought provoking for a reader even fifty years after the novel was written. I will look at the establishment of democracy on pages thirty one and onwards and how the democracy is shattered from page one hundred and ninety three and onwards. When the conch was first found it represents something powerful but fragile and Piggy says "It's ever so valuable" along with "Careful! You'll break it". When Jack, Ralph and Simon return from the mountain and hold another meeting there is order and peace along with respect for people's thoughts. It became "silent" as Ralph "lifted the pink shell to his knees", he "cleared his throat" and "all at once he found he could fluently and explain what he had to say". This shows the great power the shell gave to Ralph giving him confidence to become a leader and to make people listen to him. ...read more.


Ralph carries on saying "There's pigs", "There's food; and bathing-water in that little stream over there-and everything. All this excitement means people don't think things through and are left brainwashed to believe the island is a great place and have probably forgot about Piggy's speech. William Golding here shows how easily people can be brainwashed by grand speeches from inspiring individuals as present today where the British government used the fear of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to scare people into agreeing to go to war in Iraq without properly thinking it through. Despite what at first seemed a very stable and strong democracy it soon broke down and the people became divided and were under the dictatorship of Jack who had become savage and murderous. The once strong and thriving democracy was now torn with Jack's tribe making up the bulk of the children going out killing pigs and terrorising Ralph's tribe. The once powerful conch no longer commanded people to join the meetings and Ralph are left weak and virtually powerless. ...read more.


However as Piggy makes his speech we hear the "Zup" of the rocks falling building up to the end of Piggy and the end of democracy. Finally Roger "leans "all his weight on the lever" and the great rock comes tumbling down on Piggy ending democracy and ending all reason for democracy. The shell is destroyed and Ralph has to flee for his life quite similar to what has happened in Sudan where millions of people have been forced to flee from rampaging terrorists. Golding wrote this book after the second world was and many characters can be seen to represent people where Jack is Hitler, Roger is Himmler, Ralph is Churchill and Piggy is a Jewish citizen. Even after all these years many similar events are still happening and again there are those who stand up to the bullies and those who back down from fear. The language used in the book describes all the sounds and feelings of what boys can be like and William Golding has written a unique piece of writing that is both fascinating and haunting. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mitul Patel 5P ...read more.

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