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Self Assessment a Speaking and Listening

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Self Assessment - Speaking and Listening Topic - Act out a Missing Scene from "An inspector Calls" Objective - Rehearse your act that you have created for the assessment also create a script to go with that play. The following must be included in the play. Mr Birling, Mrs Birling and their daughter Sheila Overview The Scene that my group performed was about Mr and Mrs Birling going out to run some errands of some sort that was their original day planned out anyway. Sheila then comes in acting all excited and contented about the day she had today and wanted to share it with her parents. Sybil (Mrs Birling) being the character she wasn't at all interested and said "Sheila, we are just going out now for a while, and we will talk about this matter later". However, on the other hand Mr Birling was eager to hear what his daughter had to say and so opposed Sybil and replied " Here Sybil, I'm sure she has something urgent to talk about. ...read more.


Sheila was more than happy to give details her father and also gave an important detail in the process, "It's only got really serious just before summer" This detail made Sybil think and so she wasn't hesitant to ask the next question, " well if it's been going on through summer how come you were never out with him? You seemed, as I recall correctly, were at home all summer. Isn't it so?" This put Sheila on the spot so she had to quickly respond explaining how she was home all summer, but Gerald too busy with his business so he had no spare time for Sheila. As soon as Sybil heard this she went from a confused Mother to an interrogating Mother and immediately asked her daughter a simple question "so what was he doing". Sheila then made an explanation saying that he was in the middle of processing a product. Hearing this Mr Birling made compliment to Gerald about how he was a fine young man. ...read more.


"Mother, why". Mr Birling caring for his daughter's decision tried to persuade Sybil to reconsider but was a poor effort in the end. Sheila then was hopelessly trying to persuade Sybil as well but failed then burst out into tears. As Mr Birling was trying to comfort his daughter, Sybil was selfishly exclaiming how until she observes Gerald she will not give her is blessing let alone her consent. Sheila as you can imagine was shocked at her mother's narcissistic attitude towards her then witnessed as her mother left the scene as she couldn't take much more, the person who acted as Sybil would get up and leave the scene. The scene then ends with Mr Birling Comforting his daughter and telling her that he will have a talk with Sybil. Targets 1 Personal Target for myself would be to take my time with my speech and not to mutter my speech also the body language I used for Mr Birling was incorrect as I was slouching which Mr Birling doesn't do. 1 Group Target would be to memorise all lines successfully as we repeatedly kept forgetting our lines and had to improvise in the end. ...read more.

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