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Self- esteem

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Self- esteem The way we feel about ourselves has a huge affect on the way we treat ourselves and others, and on the kinds of choices we make. Here are some things you can do to protect, raise, or reinforce your self-esteem. Long term In the next 6 months Bianca would have produced a positive self- esteem. She will feel comfortable and confident with herself. Short Term Short term targets I have set for Bianca is to feel confident in herself. Through out this time Bianca will be using steps and I have made for her in order for things to get back on track. Week 1 : Ignore (and stay away from) people who put you down or treat you badly, do things that you enjoy or that make you feel good. Week 2 : Do things you are good at, reward yourself for your successes and develop your talents. Week 3 :Be your own best friend - treat yourself well and do things that are good for you. ...read more.


No more than 11 units this week. Week 4 Don't give up giving up! Changing habits like drinking takes time and hard work and sometimes it is difficult to drink less. Keep focusing on the positive things you have achieved. No more than 9 units this week. Week 5 If Bianca continues to find it difficult to cut down she could see a trained alcohol counsellor to help her develop new strategies or contact Drink line on 0800 917 8282 for advice. No more than 7 units. Tips * Have at least two drink-free nights a week * Drink one soft drink with every alcoholic drink * Eat before starting to drink * Dilute your drink with mixers * Stick to the recommended weekly and daily units How to give up Cannabis and smoking Treatment programmes for marijuana addiction are a recent development. Now most cities offer some help for people who want to quit. There are no medications to help users give up. Rehabilitation programmes involve counselling and group therapy. ...read more.


Cold turkey Stopping without any kind of aid. Although physical symptoms can be more extreme in the early few days, they fade away within the first two or three weeks. Most people give up smoking using this method. Inhalator: is a plastic device shaped like a cigarette with a nicotine cartridge fitted into it. Sucking on the mouthpiece releases nicotine vapour, which gets absorbed through your mouth and throat. Inhalators are useful for people who miss the hand-to-mouth action of smoking Short term In the next 4 months or so I have set a short term target for Bianca to smoking cannabis. Day 1 :Place a limit on how much you smoke Day 2: Avoid people and places which make you want to smoke cannabis. Day 3 :Find a support person to cut down with Day 4: Keep a diary of how much you using Day 5: Have some smoke free days a week Day 6: Reward yourself for sticking to your goal. Day 7: Withdrawal symptoms include irritability, mood swings, headaches, and problems sleeping Use the same symptoms for giving up smoking when your trying to give up cannabis. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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