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Self-made Othello Script

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Othello and Detective scene Script Actors: - Othello - Detective - Newspaper shop keeper 2.00 PM, Market place, close to fountain. Othello is coming onto scene, when detective is still waiting: - Well, well, well. Mr Othello. I've been waiting for you. - What do you want, detective. - I just want you to answer my few questions as prove. - Prove? Prove of what? - Don't be silly Othello. Everyone here knows what you have done. Do you know what I am talking about? About witchcraft. I know that you know something about it. - No, I swear, I never knew how to use it. Detective walk few times around Othello, finally: - So maybe you'll tell me what happened to Desdemona. ...read more.


Detective takes off his sunglasses, Othello grabs his own head: - Even if it's true, does her father know about it. - I think, No. - You think no, huh. What he gonna do if someone would tell him about this? Do you know that witchcraft is banned here, in this city, ANYWHERE. So if I'll catch you on doing anything strange, I don't care, you'll be dead anyway. - Is it everything what you wanted to tell me? - No. So, have you got any evidence of her love to you? - Yes, but I don't know how to explain it. She just loved me. - I'm tired of your answers Mr Othello but I see that it's going straight to end. ...read more.


Witchcraft is obviously in the second group. This means that witchcraft in this city is over, finished; and if you want to use it or give me stupid lies better kill yourself. It's not place for you. - You cannot tell me that I used witchcraft if you haven't got any believable reasons. And I'll tell you one more thing - If you are not interested in true don't come to me because you're wasting your and my time. - Mr Othello, you very disappointed me [takes sunglasses on] I really not enjoyed talking with you. [turns around] See you again in hell Mr Othello. Othello sits on a bench and grabs his head: - My love - why no one can trust our pure love, why everybody here is opposite us and our love, why those stupid people trust witchcraft but not love?! Carl Saja 10x1 ...read more.

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