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Sethe's Letter to Beloved

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Sethe's Letter to Beloved Dearest Beloved, I still remember you, Beloved, as all mothers always remember their children. You were a tiny, fragile and heavenly body. Your coffee colored skin, big sparkly eyes and silky curly hair still appear in my dreams at night. You were so talented at a young age, you were able to walk. As the youngest child in the family, you were dear to the heart, and so I named you Beloved. You have two brothers and an older sister named Denver. They all lived fairly happily, free from slavery. We all miss you dearly. I write you this letter not to tell you about your family that you never got to enjoy, but rather I have to explain my actions to you in the hope that you will forgive me. ...read more.


As any mother, I wanted the best for you. I believed that you would have been better dead than alive, because being a slave is not the life I intended for you to have. I wanted all my children to live in peace and freedom. I know what it was like to be a slave; I would describe it as being hell. Not only was I beaten, raped and tortured, but I was also treated worse than an animal. I did toiling chores day and night, receiving no recognition or respect in return. The life that I lived did not even make it worth being alive. I needed to escape, for I did not want my children to live this life, I had to ensure there life was better. ...read more.


I will never forget the confused and fearful look on your innocent face. Reluctantly, I slit you throat. Before I could smashed Denver's head into the wall, a friend, Stamp Paid, arrived in time to rescued Denver and stop me. The pain and suffrage in jail was not as hurtful as the pain I felt for having killed you. Both your brothers and Denver survived and are still alive today, but unfortunately, you were the only child that died. Beloved, you are the piece of my life that is missing; you complete me. But, I must be forgiven for my deed, for I will always have the thought of my daughter loathing me for what I have done, not understanding that I love her and what I did was in her benefit. And so I ask you, Beloved, to forgive me and you now understand my situation as a mother. God Bless You. Love, ...read more.

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