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SETTING SUN As he approached the house of ill repute, he knew that this would probably be his last night! Although anxious, he was looking forward to reaping

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Robert Hicks SETTING SUN As he approached the house of ill repute, he knew that this would probably be his last night! Although anxious, he was looking forward to reaping his revenge. He'd surprise them! Their faces would whiten and their pores would open releasing a cool liquid. It had been two long painful months since they rode away laughing, scoffing and leaving him for dead! He hoped with a passion that their leader, Emilio Sanchez, was not only there but also drinking heavily - for Emilio was a crack shot. Butch was going to need as much advantage as he could, in order to avoid an early visit to the local cemetery! He tethered his horse, placed his hand in the drinking trough and refreshed his weather-beaten and stubbly face. Women, children and the respectable citizens of Sunny Ridge walked around the small town whispering, building up speed as they went along and eventually closing shutters and locking themselves in their own homes. "Go get them Butch!" said the local funeral director with obvious ulterior motives and anticipation of a profitable day. Although businesslike, the director hoped - like many of the town's inhabitants - that he wouldn't be making a pine overcoat for Butch tomorrow morning. He checked his holster and shooters, made sure his knife was still down inside his right boot. Finally he struck a match, lit what could well be his last cigar and walked with trepidation towards the renowned saloon. ...read more.


was the shout as the young woman came bounding down the stairs, holding up her skirt so that she wouldn't trip and with a bloody nose! The man was pulling up his pants and chasing the attractive girl - he became instantly recognisable to Butch as a younger member of Sanchez's gang. She headed past Butch and towards the powder room with terror in her eyes! He coolly stuck out his stirrup adorned boot; Sanchez's man went flying through the air and came to a bruising halt by the piano. Somewhat dazed, he struggled to his feet, picked up his hat, brushed it down against his shirt and stomped towards Butch. As he neared Butch removed his hat and the realisation dawned upon the younger man! "How could this possibly be?" Upon seeing the large bullet shaped scar on Butch's neck, the shooters and the rage in those dark blue eyes - he whitened and dread took over him. One quick swipe was all it took and he was back on the floor, this time lying among the broken glass from the bourbon bottle he'd just been hit with. As he furrowed around on the dirty deck he tried to stand, tried to make sense and tried for his weapon. His head was spinning from the blow and this made him both predictable and vulnerable. On all fours, he received a deafening kick to his midriff; he rolled in the splintered glass, struggled for breath and curled up into a ball. ...read more.


The scream from Sanchez was ear piercing as he fell to the floor clasping what was left of his left kneecap! Realising that he wasn't hit himself, Butch ran towards the whimpering figure and kicked both of his guns away to a safe distance. He now towered over his nemesis, rolling in the sand, weeping and pleading for mercy. This was it - the moment he'd been waiting all of this time for and yet it wasn't giving him any pleasure. He raised his gun and aimed at his forehead. "No please don't - I'm sorry - no!" Bang!!! Butch dusted himself down and walked towards his trusty steed. The locals gathered around the now dead Sanchez, they took his valuables, cash, his clothes and dignity leaving him in just his underwear. The funeral director measured him for his final resting place and went back to his workshop, whistling on his way. Butch was in a daze, he was feeling sick now but knew in a day or two he'd feel fine and visit Christina's grave to give her the good news. He dug his stirrups into the horses' rested sides and went slowly up the street. The woman he saved came running alongside him "Do you need any company mister?" Without a word, Butch reached down and grabbed her with one arm, swinging her onto the horse and neatly behind him. On their way out of town he again passed the sheriffs' jail - he received another wry smile and cantered towards his friend and saviour - the low setting sun. 1 ...read more.

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