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Sex is only right within marriage'Do you agree or disagree?

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Re Coursework: 'Sex is only right within marriage' Do you agree or disagree? The Roman Catholic Church teaches that sex is not right and should not take place outside marriage. For many years sex was thought that the only purpose of it was to produce children and that any idea that sex could and should have a pleasurable side to it was hidden. However the church always recognised that sex between a married couple has a deeper significance than purely biological. The Church believes that within marriage is very good and through proper and healthy sex in marriage a couple improve their relationship with each other and is a sign of the love they share between each other. Some people agree that sex is only right within marriage because the church disagrees with sex out of marriage and says that the only place that sex can reach its Potential is the permanent commitment of marriage. ...read more.


Although he said this he never said it was wrong to have sex outside of marriage. Some think that the church is out of date and hasn't changed its views with the times, the churches teaching is irrelevant to the modern world. People only used to agree that sex was only right within marriage because they were frightened of conceiving a baby outside of marriage. Nowadays the fear is highly removed through the availability of contraception, however the church is against any methods of artificial contraception. Many people are in a loving and committed relationship but cannot afford to get married. Some people don't see the point in getting married because of the cost and it's only a bit of paper stating they are married. Some couples don't need to get married to prove how much they love each other. ...read more.


A couple may be in a loving and committed relationship but not married. Sex is a gift from God and not is misused however it is an insult to him not to enjoy it. I disagree with the statement that sex is only right within marriage. If a couple are in love but not married then it is still right for them to have sex. Many people want to experience sex before they are old enough to get married. Sex can make a couples relationship stronger and bring them closer together. People should be able to choose whether or not to have sex before marriage. Marriage is only a bit of paper and doesn't mean anything to some people. Some couples don't want to waste money on getting married or cant afford it. Sex doesn't harm anyone and if contraception is used the risk pregnancy is reduced. ...read more.

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