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Shakespeare Assignment on Julius Caesar.

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GCSE Shakespeare Assignment on Julius Caesar How could this have happened? More to the point why did it happen? Caesar's dead and I didn't even get to say goodbye. So what the soothsayer said must have had some truth in it, when he said "Beware the ides of March". What shall I do? First I'm going to have to send the servant and try to get permission from Brutus to speak at the Capitol, otherwise I won't be able to live with myself if Caesar gets buried and no one but me mourns him properly. I arrive at Brutus's place I start pleading to him for permission to be a speaker at the capitol,"That's all I seek and an moreover, suitor that I may produce his body to the market place, and in the pulpit, as becomes a friend, speak in the order of his funeral". Brutus replies, "You shall Mark Anthony". But then Cassius called Brutus over and I was suspicious that Cassius was trying to persuade Brutus not to let me speak. ...read more.


I know what I'll do, I'll make everyone sound really honourable and make no one sound like a non-honourable man. I am going to say all these all these good things about Brutus but really there is not one thing I like about Brutus or will ever like about him. But I can't really speak my mind on Brutus if I was to do this I could become public enemy Number one. I've got to make sure I become emotional at one time or another. I've got to explain that Caesar was not ambitious in means of bringing many captives home to Rome, and I definitely have to say how Caesar's victories contributed to Rome's wealth. If I say that when the poor cried Caesar would have wept this would surely touch the crowd's hearts. The crowd all loved him once not without cause. If he was ambitious then why did he thrice reject the crown? ...read more.


Look at them all they are so excited they all running of wanting to get there revenge on Brutus and I was right my prediction was absolutely correct they are all on my side. Now it's not only me going to be loving Caesar when he is eventually buried but there will be millions of people weeping for him. I knew they would be excited about Caesar's will but I never knew they would be this ecstatic once I started talking about Caesar's will they all started chanting "read the will" several times repeatedly. Brutus has probably heard the news now that almost everybody is on my side, I'm sure he now probably fears for his life and I don't blame he. He is presumably regretting that he didn't take Casca's warning seriously otherwise things could have been really different. I wonder who will now be competing for the commonwealth? All went according to plan, Octavius. The plebeians dispersed ready to hunt down the conspirators. Civil war must follow. We must plan our campaign. ...read more.

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