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Shakespeare Coursework

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Shakespeare Coursework In this coursework I am going to imagine I am a director of a film version of "Romeo and Juliet". I am going to focus on how I would depict one of the main characters. I have chosen to do a film version of the play as I would have more control of how I would portray my chosen character, using film craft e.g. Camera angles, music location and special effects. Also I can hire famous actors whereas if I were doing a theatre production I wouldn't have the ability to. Another advantage of using a famous actor would be that it would draw viewers, which would make more profit. With it being a film I can really choose any location in the world or even not of this world, which would make the film more realistic. Also special effects would be used to my advantage and make the film more intriguing and add the option of setting the film in a more futuristic environment or in any time period I might be willing to choose. Another thing I have to consider is casting. I will have to be careful who I choose to play the part of my chosen character as I would have to keep in my mind what films they have starred in previously, for example you would not want someone like Al Pacino to play the part of a character like Benvolio, as Al Pacino has the reputation of playing the roles of a hard man gangster where Benvolio is a peace maker and a kind, gentle character, so the two people would not match. ...read more.


For example as I said before, instead of it being Capulet's feast in the Capulet's mansion where Romeo and Juliet meet, I have change it to a Sex Pistols gig at Wembley arena. They both meet when their eyes cross and they end up being pushed together by the large crowd and decide to leave the gig so they can talk to each other more properly. Both the Montague's and the Capulet's live in big London Houses, but both Romeo and Juliet hang around on the suburban streets where their friends live. The famous balcony scene will also be changed to be situated at a underground (not literally) punk club which conviently has a balcony. In this scene you will see the use of drugs being used as Juliet has a couple of hits from a bong before she speaks to Romeo. Romeo also at various parts of the play, smokes on a joint and other various instrument used for smoking dope. This was probably a very common thing in the 70's/ for this scene Juliet will be wearing a dark red vest top with a blue skull and cross bone picture in the centre of the top. She will be wearing blue baggy jeans with a black buckle belt. In this scene Juliet will not be wearing her Dr Martens but instead black work boots with the laces untied (even though the viewer won't be able to see the footwear for the jeans). Her hair will hang loosely down her face in loose ringlets and will be coloured bright red. ...read more.


I think this version will be understood by many people and will stay get the storyline across. On the other hand I don't think some people will approve of the changes I made, and they will think the changes to the language have been to extreme, but I think the changes I made to the language fits in perfectly to the new setting of the play. I don't think the film would be successful if a cockney punk was talking in Shakespearean English. If the general public don't like the film then that's how it goes, but I don't think I will change the way I would direct films (making radical changes to the script) I want to explore the possibility and effects of the changes I make. I'm sure the film will have no problem in attracting a wide audience as I think people will be intrigued to find out how a director could change the most famous romantic plays into a hard core punk frenzy. The film will also contain quite a bit of swearing which again will not be approved as I don't think Shakespeare would not of approved of, but again I don't think a punk in the 70's would not of included swearing in any part of their speech. I have enjoyed thinking about what outfits I could make Juliet wear. For many of my ideas I have had inspiration from Baz Luhrman's film adaptation of the play. He showed how you don't have to stick to the original script and could really do what you wanted to do and interoperate the play how you wanted it to be...no matter how extreme. ...read more.

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