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Shakespeare Coursework; Macbeth

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Shakespeare Coursework; Macbeth The first two acts of the play Macbeth are probably the most crucial; they set the scene, introduce the characters and, with the bloody murder of Duncan, give us a taste of the horror to come. For the person Macbeth, the first two acts are equally as important and significant. We see him bullied by witches and dominated by his manipulating wife, and then we witness him succumb to his all-consuming greed and ambition that will eventually lead to his ruin and death, The Play 'Macbeth' gives the audience plenty of opportunities to consider the reasons for the main character's actions. In this essay I will consider, how far is he driven by his own? ambition, how far is he dominated by his wife?,and if he is influenced by the witches. It is Clear that Macbeth is portrayed as the ultimate fighting machine: noble, valiant, brave and worthy. He is almost a god like hero, and it is impressed upon us the love, respect and admiration he consequently gains from his fellow soldiers, noblemen, and even the King. This leads on to my first point is it possible that Macbeth has got fed-up of simply being a warrior? It is, but as an ambitious person Macbeth would natural strive for a higher title anyway. ...read more.


Macbeth says to himself, 'The Prince of Cumberland- that is a step, on which I must fall down, or else o'erleap, for in my way it lies.' From this we understand that Macbeth has determined to try to get the crown and from what he says next, it is obvious that the apparent hindrance of Malcolm has awakened in Macbeth his evil longings, ambition and greed; 'Stars hide your fires, let not light see my black and deep desires.' This also shows that from while he knows that the deed is evil and while he is ashamed of doing it, he will not be diverted from his purpose by anything. This shows a determination and strength of mind that we have not seen before, and might not see again. Macbeth is driven by his own ambition but it wasn't the only factor, his wife also had an influence upon him, a lot of evidence that shows this is present is in Scene 5; At the beginning of this scene Lady Macbeth is reading a letter sent to her by her husband. It is informing her of the prophecy of the witches, and how one element of it has come true. The fact that Macbeth has written his wife a letter informing her of these happenings shows how much he loves and respects her, and sees her as his equal. ...read more.


This has the air of summing up the scene, with Macbeth sounding resigned to his fate. As Macbeth's Ambition and lady Macbeth's persuasion are factors of Ducan's murder so are the witches prophecies. The play opens on a ghostly, supernatural note with the three witches brewing a spell amidst thunder and lightning. During this short scene, we hear Macbeth's name for the first time, and it's spoken by one of the witches. This indicates that they will play a momentous part in the life of Macbeth throughout the play. And they do, as Macbeth's heralds of all things good and bad, fair and foul. We have the witches who have given him an incentive to try and gain the throne, by telling him he will become king, although they didn't tell Macbeth how, and it was up to him how he interpreted their prophecies. There is the possibility that the witches could have some sort of supernatural control, over Macbeth, although that is uncertain. In Conclusion there were three major factors that affected Macbeth's judgment, His ambition, The witches and Lady Macbeth. It was not just one of these that drove Macbeth to kill Duncan. His ambition played an important part but so did the witches and Lady Macbeth. I Believe Macbeth would not of committed regicide if one of these factors were missing. By Aaron Evans ...read more.

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