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Shakespeare engages the audience's interest in Romeo and Juliet by choosing the character of the nurse to be a humorous messenger who moves the plot along.

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GCSE English Coursework Assignment Shakespeare engages the audience's interest in Romeo and Juliet by choosing the character of the nurse to be a humorous messenger who moves the plot along. It is important to remember that the nurse's status in high within the Capulet household and the nurse is above the rest of the servants as she has the freedom to come and go from the house as she pleases and she has open access to Juliet. Juliet confides and trusts in the nurse as the nurse trusts Juliet, which makes their relationship in the household very strong. However when the Nurse is outside of the household, her importance level lowers, as she becomes a lower class figure. The audience can see how the nurse is intelligent because she can switch between poetry and prose. An example of this is in Act 2 Scene 5 when the nurse is talking to Juliet about her marrying Romeo. She starts in verse and ends in prose as she tells Juliet how she thinks that Paris is the better of the two gentlemen for her. Another example is in Act 2 Scene 4 where the nurse meets with Mercutio and Romeo and she talks to them in prose. ...read more.


"But first let me tell ye, if ye should lead her in a fools paradise, as they say, it were a very gross kind of behaviour." It is almost a maternal relationship as the Nurse speaks of how she raised Juliet and weaned her, "and she was weaned". The nurse and Juliet seem very close as Juliet tells the nurse everything, which shows she trusts the nurse, portraying the nurse as a trustworthy character and that their relationship is close and loving. The nurse appears to approve of Paris wanting to marry Juliet, "as all the world why he is a man of wax," this shows the Nurse's love for Juliet as she is concerned for her happiness in the future. This also shows that the nurse's view on love is slightly shallow as she is judging him on his physical appearance, "he's a flower." The nurse's view on love is also that being married is something that must happen and that being pregnant is a form of duty, "women grow by men." The nurse sees marriage as a sexual act more then a loving act showing her crude nature, which also creates the humorous side of the nurse. ...read more.


Shakespeare uses effective foreshadowing when Romeo hears that Tybalt is dead. Shakespeare makes Romeo show that he'd do anything then to be dead and to leave Juliet. "Juliet thy love...and fall upon the ground as I do now, taking the measure of an unmade grave." The audience respond to the nurse is many different ways. They are sympathetic to her especially when the nurse finds out that Juliet is dead because they know that she already lost her own daughter and Juliet is treated as if she were her daughter as she loves her so much and for her to loose Juliet makes the audience feel sad and sorry for the nurse. The audience may feel especially sorry for her seeing as they both went to bed not having made peace over their argument. This would make the nurse feel like she was partly to blame and feel bad that she hadn't apologized. The audience however feel that the Nurse did let Juliet down before her death although she may have been right in her judgement for Paris over Romeo, but should have maybe kept it to herself because she came across as rude and Juliet would feel betrayed. The nurse overall is created dramatically by Shakespeare by using language, her function as a messenger/ moving the plot along, her comical features and her parenthood towards Juliet. ...read more.

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