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Shakespeare - For this piece of coursework I have to watch two productions of Macbeth and comment on how they each refer to the original text and if they are successful in this task.

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Assignment B - Shakespeare. For this piece of coursework I have to watch two productions of Macbeth and comment on how they each refer to the original text and if they are successful in this task. For this task I am going to concentrate on Act 2 scene 2. This is the scene after the murder of Duncan. It is here we see the real Macbeth and how cowardly he really is. In this scene Lady Macbeth is confident but not that confident as she could not carry out the murder as she says, " He had not resembled my father as he slept, I had done't." When Macbeth comes back from having committed the murder, they speak in short, snappy sentences. Shakespeare has used short sentences here to build up the tension and show that both of them are in an unstable state of mind. They also keep their voices down as they do not want anyone to overhear them. This shows how insecure Macbeth is and that something so simple as blood on his hands is upsetting a "great warrior" like Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is quick to tell him that "A foolish thought, to say a sorry sight," here she is trying to stare him away from the quilt of having committed the murder. Here we see on of the main themes of the play mentioned and that is sleep. ...read more.


When he jupms it shows us that he really is in a fragile state of mind. When washing his hands Macbeth speaks in soliloguy, he looks at his hands when he says " What hands are here." and then starts washing them. In the background we see Lady Macbeth coming down the steps and she is dressed in white. This could be ironic as white is associated with purity and we in fact know that Lady Macbeth is not pure. After she returns she speaks to Macbeth but does not look at him, her tone is one of shock and she tries to smile but can not. After they have washed their hands the knocking continues and they retire to their chamber. The director in this production has used darkness to show the evilness of both Lady Macbeth and Macbeth. The background noises like owls and the sad music have added to the tension in the play. They use most of the text but some of it is left out. Both actors try to get into their character and use their facial expresses to show how they are feeling. The second production we looked at was the Royal Shakespeare Company which was filmed in 2000. This is a more modern production of the play and it will have better lighting and effects. This scene also starts very dark and Lady Macbeth is also dressed in dark colours and hidden in the shadows. ...read more.


No, this my hand will rather the multitudinous seas incarnadine, making the green one red." When he says red his hand goes foward and nearly covers the camera, We see Lady Macbeth returning but she has her hands outstrached. They both hear the knocking and she says they should go to their chamber. During this she gives a little smile and they disappear into the darkness at the top of the stairs. In this production the director has chosen to protray both characters in the darkness. They both come out from the darkness and both disappear into the darkness at the top of the stairs. During this scene we never fully see either character in the light but when they are down the stairs we see a blueish light and prehaps this is how the director is contrasting the good and evil of this scene. The director has made this scene very tense by using darkness and focussing on both of their's facial expressions. It is obvious how quilty Macbeth is and if he could bring Duncan back to life then he would. I think the Royal Shakespeare Company's protrayal of this production is the most dramatic. I feel that this is so because the actors playing Lady Macbeth and Macbeth really got into their characters. They used their facial expressions and actions to show the emotions of each of the characters. During the soliloquys in this scene the director has grabbed our attention and kept it. By using the theme of darkness the director has showed the evilness of both characters. ...read more.

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