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Explain how Shakespeare makes it clear from the start of the play that Romeo and Juliet's love is both true and doomed Shakespeare' plays have been popular and successful for four hundred years. One of the most well known plays is "Romeo and Juliet", a tragedy but with some comic scenes and is therefore sometimes called a tragicomedy. This play is about love and conflict. Shakespeare, from the start of the play, hints the audience that Romeo and Juliet's love is both true and doomed. The prologue to the play says "A pair of star crossed lovers take their life." The image of star crossed lovers relates to their deaths being fate, their deaths are unavoidable and destined to happen. Their relationship was never going to be peaceful. The opening scene starts with a bit of comedy. The Capulet servants are teasing each other. Immediately the scene gets more tense and the mood gets very serious when their enemies the Montague's arrive. Shakespeare brings out the difference between Benvolio and Tybalt. Benvolio is a peace maker which comes from the word benevolent. "I do but keep the peace". Tybalt however is an aggressive and violent man and would kill anything that gets in his way. ...read more.


So what Tybalt aimed to do did happened. Tybalt says "Now, by the stock and honor of my kin, To strike him dead, I hold it not a sin." This 2 lines are a rhyming couplet. Tybalt is saying that the honor of his family is so important that he finds it not a sin to strike Romeo dead. Repeatedly this is another way of Shakespeare warning us that their relationship is doomed. What is obvious about the act two scene 2 balcony scene is that Romeo risks his life to be there. This clearly marks out his love for Juliet and his language is much more lucid compared to his language before when he was confused and depressed. He is certain and positive that his love it sincere. Romeo is hiding in the Capulet's orchard and overhears Juliet expressing his love for him. Romeo in love speaks "What light through yonder window breaks." Romeo is using images to describe Juliet. He is saying light is shining through. "It is the east, and Juliet is the sun." Romeo makes it look like Juliet is the sun itself. ...read more.


Problems develop after Romeo kills Tybalt, Juliet is going to feel hurt after hearing that her husband has killed her cousin. Also, the prince has threatened death to anyone who disturbs the peace in Verona. So now the issue of where they are going to stay is a problem which is an obstacle. Romeo prepares to visit Juliet before leaving Verona and the lovers consummate their marriage. Romeo must leave before getting captured by the princes men, as they part, they both have premonition fearing death. Before Romeo departs, Juliet has an ominous vision. "Methinks I see thee, now thou art so low, As one dead in the bottom of a tomb." Juliet gets the feeling that she is never going to see Romeo alive again. This is actually true because the next time Juliet sees Romeo in the family tomb. In conclusion, Romeo's language, imagery and the way he risks his life for Juliet sums up that their love is true. Shakespeare warns us that this play was going to end in a tragedy. Through the prologue and the themes of love and conflict are closely linked in the play, with scenes of violence clearly following death in the end. Muhammad Kermali Miss Suman 11K 1 ...read more.

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